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Official 2017 Sniper's Hide Cup Thank You Thread


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  • Official 2017 Sniper's Hide Cup Thank You Thread

    I am finally decompressed from the weekend and driving home from TX.

    2017 Sniper's Hide Cup

    This was the first time in 6 years going back to Rifles Only. Lots of debate swirled around that decision to have the match back in South Texas. The reality of the situation is, it was the right decision. This game started at Rifles Only, sure there were variants at other places. But Rifles Only started the Precision Rifle Shooting trend as we see it today, and we returned to our roots by having back in Kingsville.


    Jacob & Lisa put on a helluva match, and the fun meter was definitely in the red all weekend. The team at Rifles Only makes this stuff look easy. You can see how it grew out of this venue. I want to thank their entire Team down there, James for cooking and doing all the grunt work he did. Mindy for managing the office work. The Range Officers, always the best. Lead by Lindy Sisk, he is as solid as they come. Seeing a lot of the old guys was great, Brian Smith, Chuck, even Miles, now working for Sig Sauer was there to RO again on Friday. To all the others, top notch work.


    This was a big class reunion, Seeing all the guys who frequent Rifles Only was awesome. Jacob Gottfredson, Karl A, the Docs, Hardy & Trafford. Plus the usual suspects, Pete C, Cris H, Bill Fowler, etc. As the sun rose on Friday, more and more of the old school guys arrived. Heck, I even saw Moon, which explains the full Moon and the issues of Lunar Drift some shooters saw. Guys like Dave McGrath were all wearing their old school Sniper's Hide / Rifles Only shirts from as far back as 2005.


    Special Sniper's Hide thanks to Diann & Randy of Mile High Shooting. They sponsored the Shirts and gave up other prizes for the table. I believe these were some of the best match shirts out there today. I was super happy with the shirts. Mile High Shooting supports this site and the shooting community as a whole like no other.

    Kasey Beltz of B&T Industries, Kasey provided food for everyone and James knocked it out of the park. The Brisket and Sauage were awesome. If you have not experienced food during at match at Rifles Only, you don't know what you are missing. Thanks to Kasey for also doing the 1 shot / Ace of Spade challenge. Joe won that from 118 yards.

    Being at the end of the season, and constantly getting flooded with requests, we had a solid prize table. I am not 100% how I feel about prize tables anymore. But the shooters in South Texas renewed my faith in this part of the equation. You had guys like Paul Reid donate a big dollar prize to the 50th Place shooter. The Milkovich's also defaulting to let others step up to the table vs taking for themselves. They lead by example, and that example needs to spread to other matches I have been too.

    Really Right Stuff
    CS Tactical
    Fix it Sticks
    Manners Stocks
    Red Beard Gunworks
    GA Precision
    Mile High Shooting
    B&T Industries
    JC Steel
    Seekins Precision
    Huber Triggers
    Short Action Precision
    Proof Research
    Defiance Actions
    Ashbury Precision Ordnance
    Suppressed Tactical Solutions
    Wilder Tactical
    Crescent Customs
    Armageddon Gear
    Sig Sauer
    Prime Ammunition

    Special Sponsor shout outs go to Ryan Hey of MagnetoSpeed, David Weise of Wiebad, John Tillman of Prime. All the guys in attendance...

    I could not have been happier with the entire match. From turnout to participation, right up to the end of the day. It was fun... thanks to all who attended.

    Congrats to Morgan on his win, well deserved and well shot.

    Special mentions to Tyler Payne on is Top Military Win, we also had members of the USMC Shooting Team. This was their first match of this kind, well done all.

    To Jorge Ortiz on his Sportsmanship Award, he is an inspiration to everyone who things shooting these matches is too hard. Leading by example, he keeps the air light and fun, and shoots house on fire. Jorge came in 11th place, watching him shoot, it was certainly well earned.

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    Looks like it was a great match Frank!
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      It was a good time, thanks Frank.
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