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2017 Sniper's Hide Cup at Rifles Only


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  • 2017 Sniper's Hide Cup at Rifles Only

    The Original Sniper's HIde Cup, will be back at Rifles Only in November

    Registration will open August 30th, however this is more of an "Invite Only" event so if you want to get on the list post here

    I will be submitting my list of shooters to Rifles Only and they will be adding their list of preferred shooters so space will be extremely limited

    We are at a point where, just opening it up to anyone is not gonna happen. We want peope who understand this event is an destination and Rifles Only is where all this started. When we originally paired with Rifles Only these matches took off to a new level. Everything grew out of what we did at Rifles Only.

    We plan on revisiting some of the old school stages we ran back in the day. So if you want to relive what precision rifle events were like before the PRS or NRL, here is your only chance to get in.

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    Morgan, you shot awesome congratulations! Yes, it was a fun and challenging match and those that didn't end up coming really missed out. It was great to see you in South Texas again Frank I hope you'll be back soon! Thank you to Frank, Jacob, Lisa and the whole RO staff for putting on a fun and safe event. Thanks again to all the sponsors who supported this event and provided for a really nice prize table!


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      WELL it looks like I am late to the party. Frank it was GREAT seeing you again. Glad to see the Snipers hide cup back where it started. THANKS to Jacob, Lisa, there STAFF and all the RO's. Also to the Sponsors for donating prizes for the prize table. Everyone that shot the match and got something off the prize table needs to send a THANK YOU to all the sponsors. I make it a habit to do so and when I do many say they do not usually get a note from someone. Make sure to do it.
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