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2017 Sniper's Hide Team Challenge in Colville, WA


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  • 2017 Sniper's Hide Team Challenge in Colville, WA

    Match duration: 2 days, Saturday June 10th, and Sunday June 11th.
    Mandatory check-in and briefing on Friday June 9th @ 6PM At the range.

    Cartridge requirements:
    minimum 6mm - maximum .300 WIN MAG, velocity not to exceed 3200 fps

    "open" specification - must be safe to operate and have functioning safet

    Round count (estimate):
    220 rounds, firing extra rounds may be allowed on certain courses
    100 rounds of handgun

    Rifle target distances:
    0-1200 yards,

    Pistol target distances:
    effective range of pistol

    All targetry will be reactive armor steel plate.

    Pistol Requirements:
    No Open or Full ďRaceĒ guns, but Delta points and Trijicon RMR, style sights are acceptable.

    The 2017 Sniper's Hide Cup tests practical and field rifle shooting skills and supporting activities, which may include but is not limited to: long-range marksmanship, target recognition, wind estimation, range estimation, trail skills, movement over rugged terrain, physical challenges, low-light shooting, and organic problem solving. Individuals will be required to complete problems utilizing their rifle, a service-type pistol, and any ancillary gear that is carried during the entire match.


    There will be range camp sites available. Camp sites are dry camps i.e. no hook ups for septic, water or power.
    Prices are as follows:
    • Tent Sites $30
    • RVs up to 27' $40
    • RVs over 27' $50

    during registration you will be able to pay for camping if you so choose.

    Hotels / Motels
    Kettle Falls Inn
    205 E 3rd Street HWY 395
    Kettle Falls, WA 99141
    Phone: 509 738 6514
    Bennyís Colville Inn
    915 S Main
    Colville, WA 99114
    Phone: 509 684 2517
    Comfort Inn
    166 Canning Drive NE
    Colville, WA 99114
    Phone: 509 684 2010
    Grandview Inn Motel & RV Park
    978 HWY 395N
    Kettle Falls, WA 99141
    Phone: 509 738 6733

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    I'm working and all my vacation days planned. Oh well, next year maybe.
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      I participated in the Sniper's Hide Cup last year located at this same venue... Breathtaking views, and very fun field style match! Movers were no joke from across canyons to down into valleys. I think this is at the Bull Hill Training Ranch, and if it is, man its a must do!!!


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        I don't think the fiance would be too happy if I missed our wedding for this competition... Three years in a row I had something going on the same weekend. Maybe next year!
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          Not Bull Hill Training Ranch. This is hosted and operated by In Motion Targets and the Q42 Ranges.
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            Sounds like a fun match! Where can I find registration information?


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              Guys I am doing a write on it and will "Officially" announce registration

              But you can hit the In Motion Targets Website

              Watch your thoughts; they become words.
              Watch your words; they become actions.
              Watch your actions; they become habits.
              Watch your habits; they become character.
              Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.
              --Frank Outlaw


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                Maybe a dumb question. Have never shot in anything remotely like this. I'm interested in the Colville, WA 'Team Challenge'. Can I enter and compete as an individual or need I be part of a team? Thanks.


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                  This match will be epic! Carl Taylor and Lowlight put on a hell of a match last year and this one will be better!
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                    Stoked!! Team Prime and Team Patriot Valley Arms will be there in full swing.


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                      Are spectators welcome?

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                        Why are race and open pistols banned? This is a competition and I would like to bring my competition guns.
                        It can't be because of cost seeing as some people will be shooting rifle setups worth over 10k. Race gun will run you 2-5k maybe. Can't be because of sights since you allow red dots.
                        So is it magwells and compensators you don't want? Or???