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12-9-17 Colorado Rifle Club Toys for Tots Two Gun Match (RESULTS POSTED)


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  • 12-9-17 Colorado Rifle Club Toys for Tots Two Gun Match (RESULTS POSTED)

    Quick Fun match for a great cause. If you have questions you can post here. I usually check the hide daily.

    Thank you.


    This is a fun match geared toward service rifles. Bring your AR, Garand, or any safe rifle. Optical sights or match rifles are welcome. Please, no caliber over .30. Very suitable to new or inexperienced shooters. Open to anyone legally able to possess firearms.

    Where/when: Colorado Rifle Club, Byers, CO at the 1000 yd High Power Range. See for directions. Sat. Dec 9, 2017
    Entry fee: 1 new in box toy for Toys For Tots (or more), un-wrapped.

    Equipment: Very minimal. No heavy competition coats, carts, stools, competition type gloves, or blinders. Mats or ground cloths allowed. Need 60 rds of rifle ammunition plus sighters, (65-70 rds). No tracer or incendiary. 15 rds pistol ammunition. Recommend small binoculars, pen/pencil and notebook, at least 2 magazines, stripper clips, or enbloc clips, small pack for food, drink and gear. Hearing and eye protection required.

    Live fire: Begins approx 0900. Should end about 1230

    Parking: Vehicles may be parked near pits (behind berm is recommended), or behind the 500 yd line. Firing will be from 500, 300, 200, and 25 yds. See COF (Course of Fire) for details.

    Match will take place regardless of weather, if roads are passable.

    Please pre-register at epjend317@ or 303-564-5077


    2 Relays: Relay 1 fires at 500, 300, and 200 yds. Pit change and repeat for Relay 2.
    Relay 1 pistol at 25 yds, repeat for relay 2. Pistols may be holstered but must be “shown safe”, chamber empty and magazine removed. While in pits, absolutely no handling of firearms! This includes adjusting slings, sights, or “show and tell”. On firing lines, all commands to load or commence fire will come from line officer. Unless engaged in live fire as directed, all firearms will be unloaded with an “empty chamber indicator” in place OR in “weapon condition four”, until line officer says otherwise.

    500 YDS: 5 minutes, unlimited sighting shots
    Slow fire, 10 record shots in 10 minutes, pull and mark each shot.
    Prone rapid fire, start in position. 10 shots in 70 seconds.
    300 YDS: Prone rapid fire from standing, 10 shots in 70 seconds.
    Sitting sustained fire. 10 shots in 5 minutes. Targets scored at end of 5
    min., not each shot.
    200 YDS: Standing from high alert/ready. 2 shots in a 12 second exposure.
    Standing from high alert/ready. 3 shots in a 12 second exposure.
    Standing with kneeling: 2 shots from standing, immediately followed by
    3 shots kneeling-all in a single 30 second exposure. Targets will
    now be scored.
    Rapid fire: Standing to sitting or kneeling, 10 shots in 60 seconds with a
    mag change.

    25 YDS (PISTOL): Pistols will be unholstered or removed from case/pack. Load
    command will then be given, followed by a commence fire signal.

    Standing. 5 shots in 30 seconds.
    Standing/Kneeling: Total of 10 shots in 60 seconds with mag change.
    Fire 5 shots standing. With slide locked open, assume kneeling
    position, reload and fire 5 shots from kneeling position on

    TARGETS: E (echo) silouette, M9 silouette, or equivalent 20 in x 40 in silouette
    SCORING: E type: Hits at 500 yds = 5 points
    Hits at 300 yds = 3 points
    Hits at 200 yds = 2 points
    M9 type: Score as per marked scoring ring
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    The weather looks solid for Saturday!!! Flip Flops should be fine so I will see you there.


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      2017 Colorado Rifle Club Toys-4-Tots 2 Gun Match Results

      We had a great turn out for a good cause and the weather was beautiful. Not quite the 40 + that Paul gets up at the Cheyenne North Pole but 12 is still a good showing for this match.

      This was the first time shooting a “competition” for some of these folks and I really hope everyone had a good time. Pete made up some tasty “polish” chili for Après Shoot and that really hit the spot.

      We plan on holding another one of these “2 Gun” matches at CRC in the Spring and a Fall “2 Gun” match at Buffalo Creek.

      I wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

      Match Results - Max Score - 275
      Dan H – 272 “Match Winner”
      Andy S - 263
      Pete J - 223
      Jason D - 217
      Todd F - 217
      Dan G - 199
      Peter H - 194
      Jonathon B - 190
      Mick M - 174
      Mike S - 134
      Scott W - 56
      Adrienne A - 48