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120 eld vs 140 eld.


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  • 120 eld vs 140 eld.

    Shooting a 6.5 cm in matches. What is everyones opinion on bullet weight? Im looking a 120 eld m going 2900 fps + vs 140 going 2700 fps. I love the 140 at 900+, but the recoil is higher. The 120 has lower recoil, but does worse at 900+. Most targets are 300-800. And wind is generally -10mph. Do i just get data on both and take both? That seems crazy. I just got on the cm, was using a .243 with 105's going 2900, which is damn near a ballistic twin to the 120's going 2900. Thanks for the thoughts.

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    Ive been shooting the 140 mostly. Its been more readily available in the ELD flavor. I cant really tell the difference in recoil. I think the only difference under 900 is wind so I would say 140


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      As you mention, the 120's are great inside 900. They still work well at 900+, but you have to know them to make hits, just like any other bullet, IMO. The call is really yours. How confident are you using the 120s past 900? Do you start to question yourself at that range? If not and you can make the hits, great. If so, then you need another strategy.

      As crazy as it may sound, if you were to carry 140s for longer ranges, you would not be the first person doing so. It all depends on you and your comfort level with each load. That's my opinion.


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        I switched from the accurate 123 Scenar because it requires nearly 50% more windage as the 140RDF. Long range target performance is noticeable better. In terms of recoil I don't notice any difference.


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          i had done some testing with 123 lapuas and was reaching 3000 fps easily. Just a thought but 2900 is on the light side with 120s. Looking to go down this road myself but 140eldms are performing so well.
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            I much prefer the 123 ELD's. Can be pushed just as fast and have a higher BC
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              I used to shoot a bunch of local/regional matches. Truth be told, I haven't shot competitively in a couple of seasons, so take my opinion for what it is... For me, the wind was always my nemesis, so I will take the better performer in the wind every time to try to compensate for my poor wind calling skill. Proper recoil management ( and a good muzzle device) should negate any advantage of the lighter pills. That's the way I would lean. Also, if you can find them, the 130 hybrids might be worth a look...
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                Or the 130 Norma Golden Targets. Hard to find, but they are cheaper than the 130 Hybrids, and have a slightly higher BC too. Prime uses them in their ammo, and they've been shooting great for me.
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                  I was listening to a podcast with Litz talking about how some shooters are moving to lower weight bullets. He mentioned that this told him more shooters are shooting (or are more concerned with) unknown distance TGTs. Said they are likely thinking about the trajectory more so than wind. If the matches incur a lot of unknown distance TGTs, the higher velocity/flatter trajectory load will give you a bit more room for error in your range call. Of course, you'll still have the wind to deal with but if the TGT distance is a bit closer and/or winds aren't as much of a factor at that match/location the lower weight may be the better choice.


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                    Just use the Flatline Bullets. LOL
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