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Monthly Sporting Rifle match RATON NM


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  • Monthly Sporting Rifle match RATON NM

    I thought I posted this here last year, but I couldn't find the thread to update it. The first match of 2006 is coming up in two weeks, Feb 5th.

    Sporting Rifle Match
    "First Sunday JAN-SEPT"
    NRA Whittington Center, Raton, NM


    The "Sporting Rifle Match" at the NRA Whittington Center in Raton NM is designed to test a rifleman's skills shooting small targets from approximately 175 to 700 yards in the natural terrain, with what he can carry throughout the course. (The "Sporting Rifle Match" has nothing to do with NRA High Power "Sporting Rifle" class.)

    The match format is 10 stages spread over a 2 mile distance. Each stage has 6 targets at varying distances to be engaged with only one shot each. Target distances are known to the shooter. There is no time limit, but the shooter must finish within a reasonable period of time. No "sighter shots" allowed. Score is total number of hits out of 60 possible. No one has shot a perfect score, yet.

    Match entry is $25. There is partial cash payback to winner(s) based on the match turnout. The balance of fees goes to the NRA WC.

    Typical equipment used includes: a rifle capable of 1 MOA accuracy; rifle optics allowing precise hold-over for small targets from 175 - 700 yards; binoculars to spot for other shooters; and a backpack to carry water, ammunition, and a couple power bars.

    Each match takes place on Sunday.
    SATURDAY 1100-1200: Range Officers and anyone else willing to help, show up to set, repair, and paint targets.
    SATURDAY 1400-1500: Sight-in stage open for use after target work is completed.
    SATURDAY 1700: Sight-in stage closes for the day, range is locked.

    SUNDAY 0700: Sight-in stage opens for approx 30 minutes
    SUNDAY 0730: Shooters' meeting, and match begins.
    SUNDAY 1300-1400: Match finishes, payout to winners, and targets are put down.

    Match cancellations will be announced on this web page ASAP before the match, ideally by Friday morning, but it could be as late as Saturday afternoon for a last-minute emergency. So... CHECK THIS WEB PAGE FOR POSSIBLE CANCELLATION ANNOUNCEMENT BEFORE LEAVING.

    2006 SCHEDULE

    * Sunday February 5th
    * Sunday March 5th
    * Sunday April 2nd
    * Sunday May 7th
    * Sunday June 4th
    * Sunday July 9th
    * Sunday August 6th (TBD)
    * Sunday September 3rd

    Rules and complete details on the web-site.
    # Please use email instead of "PM's" to contact me.

  • Maybe shoot new 10 maybe not


    • I hope so, new 10 was pretty cool!


      • Won't be substitute 10 will be all new 10 in the same area


        • New 10 setup and ready to go


          • There was some lost and found on the trail from the Sept match . Get hold of Mike through the match website contact info or me here to ID what was found and arrange getting it back to the owner .


            • Magnum rifle match is this Sunday , go to the front gate and follow the signs . The gates to the firing position will be locked at around 7 AM when sight in starts and the match will start around 8 . If you won't be there before the gates are locked get hold of me and get the combo for the gate lock .
              This is our last match for this year so last chance untill next Feb .

              As previously discussed any rifle legal in the SRM rules is allowed with knowing up front that hits on distant targets can be hard to call .


              • 2018 schedule now available on website.

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                • Thanks for posting, looking forward to next year!