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Seattle Mayor Ed "Chester" Murray Resigns - Accused Again of Child Molestation


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  • Seattle Mayor Ed "Chester" Murray Resigns - Accused Again of Child Molestation

    He's been dodging and dismissing these accusations for a while, well a fifth just came to light, this time a cousin and calls it family infighting. Resigning today (Tuesday) at 5pm PDT. Hopefully they can finally get criminal charges to stick this time, he's been skating through since the 80s. Bye Felicia...

    We are not nation building again. We are killing terrorists.
    The President

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    This shit stain has become a spokesperson, an admitted pedophile.

    An old Indian trick. Cut open the mid section and pull out some guts. Stake to the ground and let the coyotes finish the job.



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      Seattle mayor has little power. State has all the power here. This dickhead tried a lot of bullshit but it got shot down. He tried to make the whole city "gun free". Everyone of us wanted to be the first one to be arrested open carrying on city property, that shit went down the drain fast.

      I'd like to put him to the boats myself, scaphism as a punishment for child fucking isn't too far. He can suffer a month or more that way, death by maggots, which don't eat fresh meat. You guys are just too sophomoric with your torture.

      Getting anyone elected here that's meaningful is impossible when you have every fucking greedbag from every city back east financing their interests here.