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  • Wind River

    Anyone seen this movie? I saw it last Sunday and thought is was a very good movie. Only stuff I cringed at was the over dramatized bullet impacts that knocked people back several feet. Plot was very good, acting was fantastic, ending wasn't obvious. I highly recommend it.

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    I'm stuck out on the road so I went and saw it this afternoon. Good film and would have to agree with JM's comments. I would go so far as to say, I'd rent it when it comes out and watch it again.
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      I went and saw it. Agreed, the throw people across the room bullet impacts from super hunter were way overblown. They could have worked that in better but the gunfight was pretty damn spot on. The one thing I can't reconcile is


      that the LEOs let the contractors keep their guns after they had drawn on them? Miss FBI trying to defuse the situation by reholstering her gun was a total rookie move. The Deputies instincts were right the fuck on! Too bad he didn't make it. Interesting that the group of contractors thought that they could get away with it once the cops actually showed up after they had killed one of their own but what are they gonna do at the point? All in all a good movie.

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        Spoiler alert...WTF^^^


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          Glad to hear it's good. I need to go see it while it's in the theater.
          I live smack dab in the middle of where the plot takes place in the Wind River range and reservation.Too bad they filmed it in Park City and not here, it kinda pissed the locals off on that.
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            I was hoping it was filmed in WY as well.

            This may be a big reason why:

            To qualify, productions must spend more than $200,000 in the state and hire local film crews. That can be a challenge, as Wyoming’s film crew base is small—and spread out.

            The state does try to get movies filmed here, but get outbid by Colorado.

            Hateful Eight was to be filmed here, but Tarantino chose Colorado instead.


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              Elizabeth Olsen has VERY nice tits.
              Even if you will make mischief itself in trousers - it not interestingly me...


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                Saw it tonight - loved it. Well done. Was that a 45/90? Way bigger cartridge than 45/70.


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                  Several times during the movie Jeremy Rennor reminded me of Steve McQueen.
                  I thought it was a damn good flick.

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