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Guardians of the Galaxy Number 2


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  • Guardians of the Galaxy Number 2

    It's OK

    Doesn't have the magic of the first one but still plenty of Buck Rogers and slapstick humor

    Would say 2 out of 4 stars

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    I didn't like it. At one point I was trying to decide if I should take a nap or hit to concession stand. Pac-Man and David Hasslehoff, really?!? WTF?
    As it should be...


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      I thought the story arc was good. Kurt Russel was good, as usual.
      I thought that they tried to hard to make Drax funny.
      He should be the straight man.
      I enjoyed it, but not as much as the first one.
      Even if you will make mischief itself in trousers - it not interestingly me...


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        I liked it. I think they really have the formula dialed in with this series. Not too heavy, just fun to watch for 2 hours. Best line of the movie:

        "I'm Mary Poppins, y'all!"
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          Took the kids to see it.
          I liked most of it.
          Not as sharp as the first though.



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            Saw it with my son. We both really liked it.

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              Lots of plot holes, but ok for mindless entertainment.


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                We just bought this, don't go to theatres so I'm late, sorry. Anyway, we got the first one too and the first one is heavily based on an old 90's TV show, "Farscape". It was a low budget Sci-Fi Channel job that was so bad it was good, but following the story selectively ensured an easy framework for the script and ensured some degree of success. It even has the exact same plots, places and even some of the characters are similar. I'm not the only one to catch this.

                Anyway, I thought GotG2 was maybe better than the first: it was it's own movie, not a knockoff of "Farscape". It also has some better scenes like where Yongu and Rocket escape to "Jay and the Americans" --that was awesome. The colors were so beautiful you could almost taste them, and some of the best music in any movie ever made. Drax has his own comedic presence, I love it. He's great.

                I really like these two movies and think they are two of the best to come out in a long time, I really hope 3 works out. However, I don't see how they're gonna incorporate Guardians with Avengers, I really don't.