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Anyone Read A Good NON-Fiction Book Lately?


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  • Anyone Read A Good NON-Fiction Book Lately?

    This thread is for the (titled) topic of any good NON-Fiction books. Due to the eclectic tastes and interests here on The 'Hide, there is a huge potential for knowledge expansion for so many others. Share it, here!

    The Rice Paddy Navy by Linda Kush - U.S. Sailors Undercover In China, Espionage and sabotage behind japanese lines in China during World War II.
    One Hundred Victories b y Linda Robinson - Special Ops and the future of American Warfare.

    Currently Reading:
    13 Hours by Mitchell Zuckoff - The inside account of what really happened in Benghazi

    On Deck:
    Murder At Camp Delta by Joseph Hickman - A Staff Sergeant's pursuit of the truth about Guantanamo Bay

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    Code Talker by Chester Nez. After being broke down for forty days in Gallup, NM, I had a lot of chances to read about these guys. And meet those who knew them.
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      A Code to Keep by Ernest C Brace
      Story of a contactor pilot in Vietnam who was shot down and held as a POW for years. Two years in cages in the jungle. Later in the Hanoi Hilton. Near starvation, torture, and deprivation.


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        The Road to Serfdom
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          One of the Best Ever books on WWII about Pelilu and Okinowa from first party Marine K/3/5/---1st Marine Division

          With the Old Breed by Sledge

          about 2500 5 Star Ratings


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            Reading Ron White's (not that one) book American Ulysses about Grant.

            Brilliant biography about a man who has been written about... a lot.

            The best part of it is that, for a change, the publisher did not skimp on maps. The book is FULL of maps. Superb, fantastic, easy-to-read maps. Every time you think 'man, wouldn't it be great if they had a Map of Vicksburg. . a map of Wilderness... a map of Antietam.... wow, right there is a map!

            Utterly brilliant book. Highly recommend.



            P.S. Yes, With The Old Breed is a classic. If you like that, also read "Helmet for my Pillow." Also William Manchester's "Goodbye, Darkness" was written in the 1970's and documented his return to the battlefields of the Pacific war. After serving as a sergeant in the Marines and seeing combat on Okinaia, Manchester became one of the greatest authors of the 20th Century. His return to the battlefield(s) of his youth, 30 years later, is eerie and brilliant. Many of the battlefields still bore fresh scars. So did Manchester. Though he did not fight at many of the locations he documents, he uses his own experiences to tell the stories of others. He got a lot of crap for his book being 'fiction' and some of it is. But what 'is' fiction was written by a person who lived the reality and bore the scars. Can't recommend that book highly enough. And the lefty professors who tried to ruin his memory can kiss my ass. Whining at Berkeley was not fighting on Okinawa... Manchester was there. American Spectator 'journalists' were not.
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              'A History of Russia'. Nicholas V, Riasanovsky. Russia has an amazingly diverse history which contributes to its interesting culture and current situation. Absolute horror from abut 1850 on. They probably have it better today than they have in centuries.

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