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noob but eager to learn


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  • noob but eager to learn

    Thank you so much for the information that is readily available here from men much wiser than myself. i will do my best to conduct myself in a proper manner and only post if it is absolute truth and fact. Thank you again for the information, going to be a very steep learning curve but I am ready to try ..... Jason

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    Welcome aboard. Don't stress it too much. This place used to be pretty brutal on new members, but "we're much better now"

    Just jump in where you fit in. Biggest advice is search through google or the built in search feature before posting a new question. You'll notice pretty quickly that there may be 2 or 3 nearly identical questions on the same page. I think at one point there were 2 questions about rifle slings one atop the other in the Equipment area.

    Chances are are if you've got a general question, it's been handled already.

    Enjoy the show

    I am The German's spirit animal


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      Like Bogey said, we're the "kinder, gentler" Sniper's Hide... We have safe spaces for those that are offended by our cruder and more direct responses.

      Unless you're a gentle little flower that needs coddling, it should be all good...maybe...

      Welcome to the Hide.


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        Have we added the Safe Space forum yet???? I've been holding onto my last stress card until I really needed it.
        I am The German's spirit animal


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          Really appreciate it!!!! thank you for taking the time to welcome me


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            Welcome. Learn something new everyday. That's my motto