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Does anyone use ozonics?


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  • Does anyone use ozonics?

    is it worth a crap or is it a tv scam?

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    Iíve heard that it really works but canít bring myself to pay that much when basic scent control seems to be effective.


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      I used them for bear hunting. Really no way to really tell if they work or not over bait.

      When I first got mine. I put it in the corner in the house and to test it I turned it on, then put a hotdog behind it to see how my basset hounds reacted. If you know bassets you know they can smell hotdogs miles away.

      They paid no attention, like it wasnt there. I turned it off, and bam, they had the hotdog gone in a pair of seconds.

      I have to say I believe they work.
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        Awesome, mine showed up yesterday...


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          I heard good things about it, but I can't decide if it's worth the cost.


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            It would've been nice to have when I had a 4x4 bull elk at 4.5 yds this year during early archery. Too bad I didn't have a bull tag. Once it walked around me and got about 8 yards downwind it caught my scent and bolted. I was trying to get my cellphone out and get a video of it but it was already gone.
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     brother had one, used it for two seasons. more dicking around than it is worth, imo. he thought so after the second year, too.

              play the wind....and if you get busted, fuck it.


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                Originally posted by myronman3 View Post

                play the wind....and if you get busted, fuck it.
                My thoughts exactly. As my father used to say ďthatís why itís called hunting.Ē

                Works or not itís on the other side of the line I have drawn in the sand.


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                  just to clarify...i never used one. i am not a gimmick guy. my brother, on the other he saw the light eventually.