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What is your go to knife in the field?


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  • What is your go to knife in the field?

    Like the title states, I've had Boker/Buck/Spyderco/Benchmade-just seems like I keep buying a new knife every two to three years. Looking for suggestions on a skinning knife and gutting knife. Budget would be $500 total.


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    Check out Gene Ingram. Makes nice knives that would fit your needs. With your budget you could probably get a set of two. I own one and his workmanship is top notch.
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      Ruana 6 BD. Good old forged carbon steel, nothing fancy just a good working knife.

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        Thank ya. I'll look into both of these.


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          Though I carry a Puma sheaf knife in my ruck, (why I don't know) my go to knife is the Puma Prince folding knife. I really like the German steel in these knifes. Last fall I dressed 5 antelope without having to touch up the blade.

          I fell in love with Puma's 50 years ago when I was handed one with my M60 in Vietnam to cut the gun out of wait-a-minute bushes. I passed it on to the next guy when I gave up the gun. Wished I kept it but I have 4 Puma's now. Maybe only 3, wife stole one for her kitchen. But the Prince sees the most use.

          They're pretty good for checking your Blood Thinner Meds, I'll give them that.
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            Not for nothing but if you have not already you might want to read about blade shapes, grinds, and steel types. From there you need to ask yourself what you want it to actually do for you.

            Most 'tactical' knifes that folks are walking around with either in their pocket, or in their bag are not what you are requesting.

            I'd start with this simple primer:

            Steel Types:

            Good luck
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              Those articles were very helpful Mike_Honcho. I tend to get lost in the weeds sometimes but those are clear and concise as to what I should be looking for.


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                Nowhere near $500 but the Esee 3 has become my go to skinning knife. I own a few Esee knives for different purposes and really like their ergonomics and quality. And they don't break the bank.


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                  Tagging this article. Love the information about geometry and knife steel.
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                    You didn't say what you hunt or where.
                    Think it is best to carry 2-3 cheap but good knives and then 1 really good knife.
                    The best combo to date for elk, deer, javelina, and bear if hunting rugged terrian with total deboning:
                    JAMESON 32-24J CABLE SPLICING KNIFE / SKINNING KNIFE x1 with a Speedy Sharp works wonders tearing apart joints and gutting (my father is a high voltage troubleman and has done complete elk with only one of these knives and the sharpener)
                    Buck 135 x2 these work great caping
                    Then I also carry one higher end knife for only cutting meat.

                    I sharpen all my blades to shaving sharp with a spyderco.



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                      I have a bunch of different custom knives, but wanted a set of 'backcountry' knives for those hunts where ounces count. A friend of mine built this lightweight set for me out of ATS-34:
                      Trapper2 set.JPG
                      He built this wood handled one, too

                      There are lots of great custom knife makers out there. Find one, and give 'em a shot!
                      Gene Ingram, Charlie May, Randall, Ruana, etc...
                      Or guys like my buddy...who are off the radar and build knives in their spare time for the joy of it...

                      Have fun with your search!


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                        I love boker but I also love benchmade.