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Normally I do not do it this time of year....but....


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  • Normally I do not do it this time of year....but....

    Normally I do not hunt coyotes this time of year. Waiting for the pups to get bigger.
    But my good friend called last night and said, hey...lets go coyote hunting. So up and out the door at 5:00am.

    We try one spot, but the wind was blowing pretty good and did not call anything in.

    Next we go to one of my honey holes where I generally have good luck. It is quite a hike to get to the area we call. Up and down hills, etc.

    And now it is getting hot and the wind is really blowing.

    We get setup. And it is not optimal. The wind is coming from behind us. The positive is we are a bit higher then the surrounding area so we have a good view.

    My friend starts the call (FoxPro CS24). We were not disappointed. About 2 1/2 minutes into the stand here comes a hard charging coyote from my buddy's left. About 30 yards from him it winds him and turns to go. He does not slow down...he shoots....a miss.

    I am swinging my shooting sticks around and just get a sight picture on the yote as he starts into a small drainage.

    Bang...I see him pile up.

    We keep calling and all of a sudden we have a coyote barking and yapping about 500-600 yards up the hill from us.
    My friend is playing challenge barks, howls, and pup distress. Nope...coyote is not falling for it.

    So that was my morning. A nice male coyote and a bunch of hiking.

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    Nice work, and good to see your still alive...
    "The first shot, is worth all the rest " My Dad.
    Major League Chucker's 1,2 & 3
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      Yes sir....still around and kicking. Hope all is good.


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        Nice coyote, what optic is that your running?


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          Originally posted by Steven Lunsford View Post
          Nice coyote, what optic is that your running?
          Thank you. That is a Leupold VX-6 Multigun 1-6X. Works well, but I sometimes wish I had just a bit more magnification...a 1-8X would probably be just about perfect for the intended use.