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scott sonnon's downrange density program - anyone tried it


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  • scott sonnon's downrange density program - anyone tried it

    as the topics titles says. Anyone tried Scott sonnons downrange density program? I have been using his 5x5 clubbell for a while and am happy with the results. And was interested in any real,experience with it. Thanks in advance.

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    Scott started out really really good, and forward thinking. Then he has attempted to transform himself into some secret squirrel super operator trainer guy. He's sadly, become a bit of a caricature of himself. He's taken to saying he's been trained and accepted as a Spetznatz trooper, and some other way out stuff. I used to know the guy when he was up and coming. And loved his work! But he's since started re-packaging things to make it more tacti-cool.

    Clubbell stuff, stretching, movement stuff = great stuff.
    Anything "operator" or "downrange" stuff = not so much.
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      Thanks brian. I ended up getting the downrange program, it's ok and has done some good for my thoracic spine mobility and movement with a firearm. I will use it in conjunction with 5x5 for the 16 week cycle and then do deadlifts for 12 weeks and then repeat