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ELR Target Camera 2 Camera system with integrated DVR


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  • ELR Target Camera 2 Camera system with integrated DVR

    Build list at the bottom: (if you shop around, you'll find better deals than the example links in the build list)

    I've been asked a bunch about using an iPad as a receiving unit. Most ELR shooting does not involve a bench or shaded shooting positions and uses larger calibers often with a brake. Dirt from the muzzle blast is a real issue for electronics. iPads are also very prone to overheating and shutting off; they are expensive and fragil. IMHO, the idea of an iPad receiving unit might be fine for bench shooters, but has no place in the dusty desert.. Commercial units do not offer the things I wanted from this build. Hope you find the information helpful.
    Features not included in commercial units:
    • Everything including tripods must fit inside one small case
    • FPV and DVR functions to review misses when self-spotting
    • Control record function remotely
    • Clear image to 3,000+yards
    • Works in the wind without having to stake down tripods (low and small antennas-no large tripods and guide wires to hold thing down)
    • Strong enough signal to overcome multi-path interference caused by ground effects do to low tripods rocks etc
    • Long 8+hr Battery life (some places I set up can take me an hour to get back to the shooting area)
    • Easy fast set-up
    • Work prone or in a variety of situations and still does not take up to much room if used on a bench
    • Does not over heat and shut off in the desert sun
    • Each component cheaply and easily replaced if hit or otherwise damaged

    Anyway, here is a clip that shows why I choose the setup I did. High winds could topple camera tripods and they are impossible to protect.

    This is from the direct head unit of the BT19 - While I did cut a few minutes from just before the shot just to keep the video length down, it shows why ELR can be tough. We were only set up about a mile because the wind wasn't perfect.

    This is from the camera feed with the cheaper antenna

    2,400 Yards 2.2 Kilometers (antenna in the wrong orientation - video quality suffers):

    2 cameras swithing

    The goal was to test a new head unit and get my 15 year old a hit with his 308 around a mile.. Before anyone gets worked up about a 308 and a mile, he has many 2k+ hits using the correct calibers.. This was nothing more than a fun attempt. He did get a hit, but a ton of misses.. "ammo is cheap, fun is priceless" humm maybe I just came up with a new signature LOL

    Test captures from this week with a 25mm Marshall lens about 50y from 1300y Targets and a 50mm Marshall lens from 100m from the 2095y target. I think the 25mm gets the camera far enough away, is easier to focus and my choice.

    50mm Marshall Lens test - Camera 100y away from 2095y target -- Wind 15-40mph

    25mm Marshall Lens Camera about 50y away from 1300y Target - screen capture from onboard video
    1300y 25mm test lens

    iPhone images below of the same target areas
    2100y Wind 20-40mph

    ^ Wind ended up ripping the wind flags off the pole, and bending over the RTAC lighting system
    1189M target 1300y

    16 year old leaving after painting targets

    Here is a link to the video from running 2 Target Cameras at the same time and using one receiver, DVR and integrated battery to switch between the ranges. (SD monitor view and a Tiny antenna)

    20 rounds, 10 at each distance (3 on paper) is on the video, so the shooting is a bit over 90 seconds, but hopefully not to long to view..

    To switch between distances or record, you tap on one of the silver buttons on the monitor. I had the camera a bit to far back as I was trying to get both the popper and paper targets in the frame to see the bullet holes clearly. It works well when moved closer to see the holes on paper.
    Traget cam with out external devices

    Using only the multi-channel monitor, small receiving antenna and on board DVR and Lio-battery..

    I have packed the receiving unit (inside an Icon Pro 3200) this along with my shooting supplies out to high angle spots.

    It is very small and light. FYI, I shoot left handed thats why it is on the left.

    900 yard target wind was up to 30 at times.. As you can see in the video below the light was not working (But the cycle rate was a hair fast for it anyway)

    400 yard target reduced 66% IPSC with 6" red center popper.

    I've tested three cameras broadcasting at the same time over 2,000m, using the a larger panel refining antenna. This time, I was originally set up to shoot at 1300/800 yards, but came in to 900/400 yards to the targets because the wind was so bad.. The 400 yard position was partially obscured by brush so the signal quality was a bit lower and I aimed the sending unit to further up the hill at the 1300/800 position.

    Anyway, these cameras are easy to build yourself and the entire 2 camera setup fits in one small pistol box + a pice of rebar. These work well further than people can reliably shoot.

    Click to see a larger image-

    Images of Target Cam and shooting: (Click images for larger views)
    Twin Camera ELR setup

    In the case - 2 Monitors with integrated receivers, DVRs, LION battery and Multi-cam monitoring with 2 cameras


    Target example2

    Receiving and recording control example1 with Directional receiving panel
    Fallon South Hill FFP 2050

    Receiving and recording control example 2 with small portable **100% self-contained**
    Multi-Cam DVR, Receiver system (Can easily fit inside a pack with all your shooting gear to move FFPs.)
    Traget cam with out external devices

    Receiving and recording control example closer up (note that I shoot left handed, thats why this is on the left side)

    New (replacement) sending unit test --Image from 4,200 yards with direction receiving panel
    Test new sending unit 4,200 yards

    Ranged to back of house (street test location was further)

    2,200 Yards to Target - against hill across dry sink (white area)
    BLM GEO FFP To 2,200y 1a

    Test of Tiny uni-directional Antenna BELOW:
    1,400 yards 1.28 Kilometers Image from cold bore test 1

    2,400 yards 2.2 Kilometers, to Target image 2

    2,400 yards 2.2 Kilometers, screen shot of monitor recording hits 24" target turned slightly

    Sending unit - transmitter and tiny antenna tall tripods are not needed, but rebar
    be & is cheap, increases the efficiency and will not blow over like tall tripods

    Looking up from Camera/Target to FFPs

    Image of Tiny Uni-directional antenna - mounted in the wrong orientation -
    Saves one tripod and some space, but video quality is not nearly as good.

    Image from 2050 Yards - with standard receiving Panel (different location) Better Quality
    ELR Fallon South Hill 2050y target cam

    View 1 different location
    Fallon South Hill to valley

    Below is an image of the All-Thread used as an extender (never had to actual extend them, but rebar directly in the ground works better anyway).

    Suggested substitute build Items to reduce cost:

    Because the antenna db and system power is high, there is not a need for TALL or full sized tripods.
    Pieces of 1/4-20 All-Thread rods and connectors can be used as tripod extenders or stand alone supports.
    A large part of the cost are the 4 very small tripods with heads. These are great and fit inside the case as shown
    but they add over $210 to the package. The images below are a way to save about $200 from my build list.
    Save about $300 total by repurposing an old bag or suitcase along with eliminating the tripods and you'll
    still have a great ELR camera system with recording features!

    A wooden square with a small length of All-Thread makes a great tripod substitute

    Rear Connection with a small shelf bracket used - connectors are used to allow extensions

    Sending Units and Antennas can use a wooden base or run directly in the ground

    Sending Units and Antennas run directly in the ground using Rebar. Second Target is the bare area behind the sink.

    Close up view of connector to sending antenna (Tiny 1/4x20 ball head for easy aiming option)

    Close up view of Panel mount - 1/4"x20 with couplers on either end

    Cut at an angle for direct access into the ground or use rebar and a hose clamp

    Build List with links to the parts:Connectors, small parts, optional solar power and wireless extension:
    • 50ft Video Audio Power Extension Cable Pre-made All-in-One BNC with RCA adapters Extension cable to put battery, Transmitter and antenna 50' away from target
    • RCA Female to Female Coupler Jack Adapters 3PK - (need only 1 on camera side - local electronic will be cheaper)
    • BNC Female to RCA Female Coupler Adapter Connector 10PK - (need only 1 on camera side - local electronic will be cheaper)
    • DC Power Connector, JACKED DC Jack Adapter Plug For CCTV, Camera, LED Strips, 10 Pairs of 2.1x5.5mm Female and Male Connector (need only 3 pairs / 5 pairs if adding solar)
      • Price $12 .99
      • Web Link: DC connectors
        • Target Side: Battery 2x Female If adding solar +1 Female and +1 Male if adding solar
        • Transmitter 1x Male Camera 1x Male
        • FFP / Monitor side:
          • Battery 1x Female If adding solar +1 Female and +1 Male if adding solar
          • Monitor with integrated DVR and receiver 1 x Male
    • Video and audio Connectors Ksmile 6 Male +6 Female Plug to AV Screw Terminal Plug Connector / UTP Cat5/Cat6 Cable to AV RCA Male Screw
    • 100' Feet 18 GA Gauge Red Black 2 Conductor Speaker Wire Audio Cable
    • Spade connectors - 100pcs Female Fully Insulated Wire Crimp Terminal Nylon Quick Connectors Wiring Spade (need only 4)
    • SMA Cables
      • Transmitter: RF coaxial coax adapter SMA female to RP-SMA male (no center pins or cable with no center pins)
      • 12"/30cm Male to Female RP-SMA Extension Cable
      • Receiver/Monitor: If you get the panel antenna you'll need a RP-SMA to the connector on the back. Ask the retailer for the proper cable to your FPV monitor SMA-RP Male with center pin.. Most antennas as the 2 14dbi on the white monitor will attach directly. If your using the large white panel as in the link above, you'll want TP-Link 0.5-Metre 2.4GHz/5GHz Pigtail Cable with N-type Male to RP-SMA Male connector (TL-ANT200PT)
    • Camera mount Small 1"x1" shelf bracket found at any hardware store
      • Web Link sample image of a bracket: sample bracket image
      • Velcro to hold camera found at any hardware store
      • Price $5
    • 1/4-20 hardware misc
      • Camera: x1 1/4-20 coupler, x1 1/4-20 bolt
        • Transmitter: x1 wire loop, x1 1/4-20 coupler, x1 1/4-20 wing nut
        • Receiver: x1 1/4-20 wing nut
        • If using transmitter extenders or 1/4-20 all-thread instead of tripods: add several 1 1/4-20 couplers, 1/4-20 wing nuts, 1/4-20 nuts and washers
    • Tools
      • Electrical tape - cover the terminals
      • Wire stripers
      • Small Philips screwdriver
    • Optional Zoom lens for Boscam HD BT19
      • Marshall Electronics 25mm f/2.5 Hi-Resolution Miniature Glass Lens for Board Cameras, M12 Mount, Approx. 11deg. AOV, 4 Elements - __allows the camera to be really far back from the plate (It does mess with the white balance, giving the video a read look as the then does not have an IR cut filter on it - this is still usable and can be fixed in post or left alone)
      • 1.25 Inch UV IR CUT Block Filter Infra Red Filter CCD Camera Interference UV Filter (optional, can be used to return video white balance - you can use any IR CUT and pace in front of lens if so desired.)
      • Sunshade IR cut filter holder PVC Pipe Fitting, Adapter, 1" Socket x 3/4" NPT Female
        • Web Link: NA Get at Home depot.. Sand the 3/4" side for a slip fit over the Marshall Telephoto lens..
        • Price $1
    • Optional Microwave relay to replace the 50' video, power and audio extension with wireless relay
      • Wireless Audio Video AV Transmitter Receiver Sender Set 16-ch 1.2ghz 700mw
        • Web Link: [Wireless 1.2 uplink](Ņ-Wireless-Transmitter-Receiver-Sender/dp/B00MPDTUY2?ie=UTF8&psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o08_s00)
        • Price $48.86
      • **Battery** Sending unit Power-Sonic PS-12120 Battery; Sealed Lead Acid; Rechargeable; 12 V; 12 Ah; Spill-Proof; ABS Case; AGM
      • From above supplies:
        • x1 2.1mm power male
        • x2 Spade connectors
    • Optional Solar panels to extend battery life for multiple days. 1 at Target 1 at FFP
    • Optional in line power switch
    • Optional 4.3" monitor: Run in parallel, using the output jack from the main DVR/Monitor and an video/power extension cord as in the original build list ~ allows other shooter the ability to view the down range cameras if hard wired to the DVR/receiver in the build list above, without the expense of the DVR and extra antennas.
    • Optional tripod elimination or height extensions between transmitter battery and extension
      • 1/4x20 All-Thread hardware to extent to. 6' or just stick the sending unit, camera etc. into the ground or threading into the top of one of the tripods
      • Available at any hardware store
    • Optional Microphone if using the SD Camera with 8mm lens, inline zoom control, 700TVL, Weatherproof WDR Camera 1/3 Inch Sony Effio-p DSP Array IR 40m or if using cameras without audio
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    ELR DIY Target Cam tested well past 2000m
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    Great job! I love your range indicator on your USO!


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        Pretty slick set up !!


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          Originally posted by otb View Post
          Pretty slick set up !!
          Hope the thread is helpful -
          ELR DIY Target Cam tested well past 2000m
          NOTE: images etc do not display correctly in the Tapatalk app