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Crux 6.5 vs TBAC ULTRA 7


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  • Crux 6.5 vs TBAC ULTRA 7

    Anyone seen a CRUX 6.5 compared to the TBAC ULTRA? If so what was your impressions of loudness, tone, durability, etc?

    Would you put any stock into the CRUX argument about welded Titanium cans (like TBAC I assume) :
    "So there are storm clouds brewing. We feel that it is our responsibility to warn people so that they are not had. There are titanium suppresors being welded right now that will fail. This failure is not due to the skill of the welder or the quality of the material. It is due to the manufacturing process chosen.

    Curtis Proske was a welding engineer for Parker Hannifinís Aerospace division and sat on the NADCAP committees that wrote the specifications for aerospace welding. He has extensive knowledge of titanium welding and was part of projects for the F22 Raptor and Joint Strike Fighter as well as every major aircraft engine on the market. There was no possible way to weld titanium correctly without the suppressor costing under $3,000 to break even. If titanium is not welded to very proprietary and often secret manufacturing processes it will experience embrittlement, which will:
    • Change the metalís chemical composition
    • Create very hard microstructures (that behave like glass)
    • Get harder with time (until it cracks under its own weight)
    • Take time to fail
    • Crack sitting in the safe
    • Cost another Tax Stamp
    • Most companies will blame the customer
    • Most companies will not warranty (they donít even know what it is).
    Donít fall victim to embrittlement." -

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    I haven't heArd of any ultra 7 breaking yet and tbac stand by their products. It's just a supressor its not a military fighter jet that pulls multiple g's


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      To our knowledge, no other suppressor is welded using the equipment and processes that we use for the Ultra series. There has never been an Ultra series weld failure.
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        Fighter aircraft engines and suppressors have heat and stress requirements that differ just a smidge
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          "There was no possible way to weld titanium correctly without the suppressor costing under $3,000 to break even"
          Crux sells a Ti suppressor for under 1K am I missing something?


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            They are presumably arguing for monocore.

            The primary reason to build a monocore suppressor is it's cheap to manufacture.

            The main downside is limited facets or structural complexity, which can significantly aid suppression level if used right.

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              I'm not a welder and don't know a thing about working with titanium but I've seen TB's process and heard the logic behind it, I wouldn't spend my money anywhere else than with them. IF it had a chance of failing they would simply choose another method of building suppressors.

              They are far more worried about making the best suppressor in the business than making the most money.

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                "Crack sitting in the safe" LOL. Thats ridiculous
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                  They would know. I have one of their suppressors from when it was called an "Archangel" and several folks have experienced cracked tubes with the same model. I'm sure they were taken care of, but I always check mine now just to be sure.