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Dark Side Defense raided.


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  • Dark Side Defense raided.

    I can't imagine it will affect anyone here but I am letting people know. Dark Side Defense has been shut down by the ATF. They produced "solvent traps". In scout the subject came up and I stated (as others) I wouldn't touch one with a 20ft pole. No way No how. Their web site is shut down but here is an article just for reference. If you know anyone that did business with them, they might want to be prepped for a knock on the door.
    New Utah company Dark Side Defense, complete with a logo using the Star Wars font, are selling “solvent traps”. In case you are not aware of the terminology, a solvent trap is a device ostensibly designed to catch solvent when cleaning a rifle or pistol barrel. Saving you money and the saving the environment from toxic … Read More …

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    Lots of companies love to walk the thin lines of legality these days.


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      Agreed. One reason I posted was as a warning to other idiots that think they can skate that line without falling through the ice. We are our own worst enemys at times.
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        "They sell it on the internet so its got to legal."

        cant fix stupid.

        I wouldn't shit you. You are my favorite turd.


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          When did they get raided and shut Down??

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            I believe it would have been around the 14th. Was at my FFL and he got a visit from the ATF. He had signed up as a Dark Side dealer about 60 days before, even though I told him it was stupid. He said it they took his inventory and downloaded his cellphones and computers. I believe he got the visit on the 14th so would have been that day or before.


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              That's not the kind of Valentines Day present they were expecting. People are stupid, and always trying to push the envelope.