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Does anyone actually CC a AR pistol?


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  • Does anyone actually CC a AR pistol?

    Just wondering im building 300 AAC now and was wondering if there is actually a way to do it?

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    I am just going to assume you are not talking about carrying it on your person, that is just ludicrous.

    I have an 8" 300blk SBR with a LAW Tactical side folder on the stock. It can very easily be folded down to fit inside of a normal backpack or anything that's big enough to carry a laptop. It also fits in a Pelican computer case. I often "concealed carry" this when traveling.... as long as I don't have to leave it unattended.

    And yes.... I did accidentally put the back iron sight on backwards due to my own ignorance. Rifle now wears an Aimpoint H1

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      Originally posted by buffalowinter View Post
      We had these in SF. H&K MP5K. Just put your AR in a small backpack.
      Those were badass. Wasn't there a suppressed model? I know that case is itself a NFA item, an AOW I think.

      You can open carry rifles in WA, I reckon it'd get a lot of calls though as nobody does that. People do open carry pistols though. I thought and think about putting rifles in my truck and my wife's car, just in case, but I figure by the time we get to the vehicle we're just gonna go anyway. If our pistols and feet can get us to the vehicle, why stick around to unload rifles?

      I think one fellow on is on to something though... BE Meyers restricts green glare lasers but if cops around large events were issued them, they could seriously cut down on the damage done by a shooter in a high position. And given all the lasers used in Vegas, anyone could have aimed one at that room and done the job too... Nobody thought to do that though.


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          I'm not aware of a suppressor for the MP5K, although I'm sure they were around. Had a lot of a lot of MP5SD's. When I went through the Q course the MP5K was one of of the weapons we were tested on. Imagine a one hour block of instruction on this pistol and then immediately being given a timed test on assembly/disassembly of this bizarre delayed blow back roller locked spectacle of German over-engineering. My room-mate failed the Q course for failing this test. My former team guys. Dave S. with MP5SD third from left.

          Rick Jones
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            I used to sell guns at a gander mountain part time and one of the regulars, a big guy about 6'5 and 260lbs, was pretty serious about putting a single point sling on a cz scorpion pistol and carrying it under a big carhatt jacket. I'm from Wisconsin, so he's probably got four or five months out of the year where it's feasible. He said he planned on running a 15 round mag in the gun and having a backup 30 on his belt, but I don't know what ever came of it. That might be as big of a gun as someone could ever carry on their body with some degree of comfort.


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              On the one hand:
              1. Carrying an AR on your person in polite company is uncomfortable, socially unwise, and sometimes illegal.
              2. A concealed AR is very hard to get into action. You have to unzip, unfold, uncase, uneverything it.

              and on the other hand:
              3. Once you DO have that thing in play, a rifle kicks a pistols ass in almost every way. 30 rounds ( or more ), easy to get on target, more range, better sighting system...etc. etc. etc...

              and then:
              4. After the shoot you might get to go for a ride in court that you wouldn't have had to take if you had shot them with a pistol.

              I don't carry an AR on my person even though I am huge and live in a wintery sort of place. I do carry one in the car because not all situations are morally compatible with just running away the second you have the ability to do so.

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                The OP is talking about a pistol classified AR. It would be hard to explain yourself to an uneducated person. Legally it's classified a pistol, but to the general public, it looks like a scary rifle. I have thought about getting an MCX pistol for backpack carry.

                The whole 4" (or even the 8") barrel PCC for backpack carry doesn't make sense to me. I'd rather rock a hand gun. It's still a 4" barrel, whether it's a MPX, MP5K, or Glock 19. I can have one hand free to do whatever and one hand that can engage. But that's just me, I wasn't allowed into the military and have 0 threat engagement training.


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                  Are we really having a serious discussion about CCWing an AR pistol...? This whole thread belongs on ARFCOM...!
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                    Not much else going on in the shooting or motorcycle world lol. I for one get bored and come up with lane brain ideas, like CCing an AR pistol lol.


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                      Originally posted by corey4 View Post
                      Not much else going on in the shooting or motorcycle world lol. I for one get bored and come up with lane brain ideas, like CCing an AR pistol lol.
                      some of the worlds greatest ideas come from boredom! Im not sure what they were but im sure there great