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  • Ar pistols

    What do you guys think about ar pistols. Are they worth it? I'll keep the question that simple cause I wanna hear opinions. Thanks

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    Since it's O.K. to shoulder braces again... definitely, a pistol can go anywhere with you.


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      I have "pistol" marked lower and uppers in both 5.56 and .300BO. Ive found the 300 to be the handiest little thing since the bottle opener. Its become my "ranch gun" and truck gun all in one. 8" barrel good to 150yds+ with Barnes black tips. Whats not to like??


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        An article in Dillons Blue Press a few months ago discussed the single most important feature of any .223 pistol using a stabilizing brace;
        Your CCW allows you to carry it the same as any more conventional pistol.

        It's a hassle to carry a concealed SBR, even if your CCW allows "Weapon or Weapons".

        Mine is a Galil Ace. I conceals wonderfully, and is way fun to shoot. I had to loose the flash hider to fit it in my pack.
        AR Variants just can not get as compact as the AK sort, burt if I wanted an AR, it would be the TROY pistol.


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          I pulled the trigger on a sig m400 scorpion pistol with brace. My lgs had a great deal on them. I couldn't be happier with it. Fun to shoot and I can use it as a truck gun. Thanks for the responses