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    For the 1911 officiados, I will be adding a 1911 to my collection in the near future. I am looking highly at either the:
    Colt Rail Gun
    Colt M45A1


    Springfield Loaded 1911

    Uses will be for daily carry and use on the range

    I have an affliction for Colt seeing they are made in my home state, but the Springfields have always seemed decent to me.

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    Originally posted by NHPiper View Post
    DW is the way to go. Skip the Colt. No checkering on the front strap. And the Springfields have a mushy safety (IMO). Dan Wessons are the tightest, best out of box triggers, best sights (rear hooks) and the quality is 100% better.

    My EDC is a DW Discretion that I had milled for a Trijicon RMR with the 1911 RMR plate. It is a tack driver and is 100% reliable.
    Pics on your EDC please :-)


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      I carried a Sig Tac Ops for the last 8 years of my career. Went bang every time and ran like a sewing machine. Have heard good things about the colt combat unit & colt m45. Guess color would be one of the bigger differences
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        Wilson combat, they're worth the money.
        4 shots, 25 yards rested on the hood of a pickup.

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          I went and took a look at some 1911's today, and the shop had a Kimber TLE II. For the price, it had all the features I was looking for (night sites, front checkering, etc) and to me, felt damn good in hand.

          The question is, there seems to be A LOT of internet hate for Kimbers. Why is that so? Part of me is wondering if half of it is just the internet, or true?


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            It's called Kimber Roulette for a reason. The two I owned were junk, both had poor reliability. I've seen others get bit as well, one guy brought his new one back to the shop because it stopped ejecting, the ejector tooth snapped off.

            you might luck out and get an okay one but you don't know. There are better options out there like DW.


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              'nother vote for Sig or DW here... Sig offers a LOT of 1911 for the money, and DWs are just so damned nice for off-the-shelf production guns...

              I like the way that STIs shoot, too, but most of them are just a little too aggressively styled for my tastes...
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                You would be doing yourself a disservice if you did not seriously consider a Dan Wesson. If you have the opportunity to handle one, you should do so. Do the pepsi challenge between a Kimber and a DW and you will immediately see (and feel) where that extra money is going. Im not hating on Kimber, I have an Ultra Carry thats 10-12 years old now and its been outstanding, but the DW is on a different level.

                I received a DW Valor as a wedding gift from the wife. Yes, she's awesome. The way all the little pieces fit together and function on a DW is just so so sweet. The safety has a very positive 'SNAP' when you engage-disengage, mag release is very smooth, trigger is just damned outstanding, and the internals of the gun have a glass smooth polished finished. Accuracy and reliability are above reproach. Down side is I think DW is a gateway drug to even more expensive 'custom' 1911's. God help me if I ever get to handle a Nighthawk...
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                  Originally posted by MWM-5150 View Post
                  Down side is I think DW is a gateway drug to even more expensive 'custom' 1911's. God help me if I ever get to handle a Nighthawk...
                  I'll be honest... perhaps it's because I'm not enough of an aficionado, but even after handling/shooting a Les Baer and some other high end stuff, the Valor doesn't leave me wanting for a damn thing.

                  That said, I'd gladly play with a Cabot if someone wanted to hand one to me... ;-)
                  ...I cut it twice and it was still too short...

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                    Out of all of the 1911s I've handled and owned the Nighthawks have been the best. The DW have been nice and the Fusions (the company Bob Serva started after selling DW to CZ) have been better. I've never been impressed with Les Baer. Ed Brown is really nice, had a Kobra Carry that I swore I would never sell until I found a Nighthawk T3. It was a difficult decision to let the Ed Brown go but I wanted a full size for the range so I traded it for a Nighthawk Enforcer. The Nighthawks have had 100s of rounds through them without cleaning and never a problem. People that handle them wonder how they get the them that smooth.


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                      I bought a Kimber Custom II in like 2005. I've shot a lot of rounds through it & it just keeps on running. I haven't had any issues w/ it & that is shooting HPs & FMJs. It just runs & runs. I would second the Kimber.
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                        My 0.02... I don't have a Colt but do have some trigger time with the rail gun and would put them on par with the nicer, but not custom shop, Springfields.

                        I currently have 1911s/2011s from each of the below with a plenty of time with them:

                        The guns:

                        Springfield - their higher end production guns are great base models for tweaking. They run well out of the box. Very good for the $. For a budget conscious 1911 first timer, I would recommend the Operator for both carry and single stack competition.

                        Sig - another great value for the money. But I can never leave well enough alone so my C3 has G10 grips, slightly flared mag well, polished/tweaked trigger and ambi safety. This is the carry gun I have more than 50% of the time

                        Dan Wesson - best value, and maybe best production gun out there. I have never heard of one needing any polishing, deburring, etc as is not uncommon with most production guns.

                        STI - Their more expensive guns are close to custom quality. Of course, you can't pick and choose feature like a custom. For a reasonable fee they will do some tweaking for you.

                        Kimber - Kimber's machining is generally very good and they are well finished. There are gobs of models to choose from. I think the pretty finishing and endless slick ads are the reason for their popularity. I would opt for a Springfield Operator over any full-size Kimber. They skimp on small parts and warranty service is hit or miss.

                        Akai Custom - well worth the wait time. When I went through the process of breaking in my limited gun the sensory input from the gun was such that I occasionally found myself in a trance as my eyes rolled up into my head.

                        Matt McLearn - Race gun heaven. Matt and Shay at Akai are two of several great pistol smiths out there. Who is best amongst all these guys is unanswerable, IMO.

                        Wilson Combat - I can't say anything that hasn't been said before about these very nice pistols. If you don't want to select every component/feature Wilson makes it easy to spend a lot of money on an heirloom quality gun, usually with little or no wait time.

                        The features:

                        Front strap checkering - I can't live without it. I wouldn't buy a gun that doesn't already have it as having a smith do it later is pretty expensive. Besides, why buy a base model to begin with?

                        Shorter vs longer barrel length for draw speed - I experimented with this quite a bit when I used to shoot production. The comparison was first between a G17 and G34. Me and my associates found no difference in draw speed. If there been even a tenth of a second difference I would have stayed with the 17, but I went with the 34 for the sight radius.

                        Shorter vs longer barrel length for sight radius - This makes a significant difference on longer shots. Doesn't happen too as often in USPSA vs 3G. Here I put aside the STI Marauder in favor of the DVC 3G.

                        Shorter vs longer barrel length for concealment - Big difference for me. But I am barely 5'10" so a taller guy may not have an issue with a full size 1911 in summer clothes. Perhaps a bigger issue is the mag well as the flared ones I prefer tend to print. With heavier clothing, I go full length.

                        Size, in general - I prefer a commander sized 1911 for concealed carry most of the time, but I have been known to carry the STI Marauder when wearing a jacket. Coming up soon will be a Commander sized 2011 from Akai.

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