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Any input on red dot pistols


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  • Any input on red dot pistols

    I have been toying with an M&P core with a viper dot and am considering trying a red dot pistol in a ccw type set up. Reasoning is: After a bit of practice picking up the dot I am just as quick up close, more accurate at distance and much easier to get good hits while moving away from targets. i want an option smaller ( grip length and width) than my p229, so I am considering either custom milling something or trying a M&p compact frame with the core upper (most likely with RMR). Any input on what is doable and easier to carry than a p229. I am considering a p320 so I can easily swap grip sizes but does not seem too much ch smaller in subcompact than M&p

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    I set up three of them on GLOCK platform with Trijicon RMRs last year. I've been doing some dry practicing and short range sessions. Everything I have done so far has me look at them this way:

    1. It is actually a little slower than iron sights for most CCW type environments
    2. It is better on dynamic targets (target moving or you moving)
    3. It is better at longer distances
    4. It is bigger

    So I plan on taking a few tactical pistol classes with it this year, I have not committed to using it because I have not spent enough time on it.


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      Yeah, I definitely started slower with the red dot in closer range but not point shooting distances. I have become about on par, basically I want to practice with a smaller ccw style pistol with this to see how it compares. Luckily my range has open bays so I can practice drawing and moving etc. I am not totally sold yet so do not want to mess with my 229 just considering trying a cheaper option to see. That said I have issues with the my core and vortex zero (the whole taking it off to lock the screws part) the zero never seems to hold and am at the far end of adjustment range. So to give this a fair shot considering moving the vortex to a 22 training ar and trying a different dot.


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        RMR and deltapoint are two of the more robust choices and I would go with one of these paired with some suppressor sights for concealed carry. The rmr has a thinner base which makes the suppressor iron sights easier to see. May have to go with a super high set for deltapoint. If it's just for the range then throw whatever you like on top and carry on.


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          Cajun Gun works or CZ a custom will cut a CZ P-01 to accommodate an RMR. Best carry gun out there IMHO.

          RAIN6 will cut the new Stryk B for an RMR as well.


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            I think I am going to try rmr on an old police trade in p229 slide (needed refinishing anyway). Already have all the pieces so just have to get it milled and refinished so figure it is worth the couple hundred to give it a realistic try. Let you know how it goes.


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              + 1 on the suppressor sights in tandom / co witness gets you on target very fast.


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                Delic, how are you planning on carrying a pistol set up with an RMR? Me personally I don't think I'd like the extra bulk


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                  I was planning on trying it out to see, I have an old police trade in slide that I can get milled and swap it out if I don't like it. I have tried the multiple plate option ones and like the concept of being able to hit much easier when moving away...but to me the plate option keeps losing zero (M&p and vortex red dot). So it would be a p229 with rmr and Suppressor sights as back up. I also have smaller handguns when this might prove too large (p239, pps, p238).

                  As as far as carry I typically carry owb at about 4, trying to mock this up seems like the sight will still sit decently hidden. I also carry shoulder when going on long road trips. This really wouldn't matter too much in that config.


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                    Gotcha. Hey if it works more power to you


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                      I'll say this, I was at a pistol match this weekend where one off the shooters was running a G19 with some sort of dot sight. G19's aren't typically Berri competitive in these type matches because of the short sight radius. This was the shooter's second pistol match, but his shooting was very accurate and quite fast. He was quite competitive with that little short barrel G19. He credited the red dot for the accuracy and the speed, since it basically gives you a much longer sight radius and reduces the number of things you have to align. No more centering the front sight in the rear notch etc etc etc... just put the dot on the target and shoot.

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                        glock.jpg ATX Armory does a superb RMR cut, deeper that a Glock MOS cut, so you can make due with factory sights...although suppressor height sights are preferred. They take the time to bevel the edges carefully so it's a perfect fit...nice and snug. Cerakote in any color you can imagine.

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