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6.5 Creedmoor Barrel Length Suggestions


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  • 6.5 Creedmoor Barrel Length Suggestions

    My plan as of yet is to do an auto in 6.5 and run it with my ultra 7 can. I'll be shooting either prime 130 or hornady 140 eld-m depending on what work gives me (so tuning ammo isn't an option). Would like it set up for a possible prs gun. Really eyeing the proof barrels (I have a certificate). Any recommendations on 22" vs 24"? I'm a little worried the longer 24 plus can, won't be as forgiving on shooting factory ammo because it's not as stiff. But the extra 2 inches would be nice for velocity. Any thoughts?

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    I have a 22'' Bartlein 1:8 med palma on my wife tactical rifle and she runs Hornady 140 ELD M. Groups are sub .5. Trued MV is 2740.

    Her 24'' hunting rifle shooting the 143 ELD X same sub .5 groups. Trued MV is 2765. So there is a slight velocity advantage to the 24'' but on a tactical prs style rifle when you going to be running a break or suppressor, we like the 22'' barrel.

    I don't know anyone running Proof barrels on a prs style rifle. I do however have friends that like them on hunting rigs. Im trying one on a new 6 creed hunting rifle. Im really looking foreward to trying it. I recently built a 300 norma for long range hunting in a KMW Sentinel stock. I wish i had ordered a proof for weight savings over the Bartlein med palma.


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      Some more thoughts on the Proof barrel. I kinda forgot this was a gas gun thread. My apologies for possible unwanted information above.

      Back to the barrel question. I got a new JP 6 creed gas gun. I havent compared weight of the 22'' JP barrel to the Proof, but I plan to. I'm very impressed with the quality how light my Proof barrel for my hunting rig is. I want to see how this hunting rifle shoots and if it shoots (cant imagine it wont) and i can justify the weight difference for the $950 Proof and Proof starts producing 6 creed barrels, I will swap the JP out for a Proof.


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        So reading my post, I may not of painted the picture well. What I'm worried about, is with a longer barrel hanging the extra weight on the end will increase barrel harmonics. And with shooting factory ammo, and not having the ability to tune ammo to those harmonics, are the likely hood of having decreased accuracy greatened? And to a point where it out ways the benefit of the added velocities of the 2 extra inches. Or am I over thinking it?


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          If i were going to shoot a prs style match with a gas gun, i would run the shorter stiffer barrel and a JP Recoil Eliminator.

          Check out Tyler Payne's rifle set up.


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            Once they become available hopefully this fall as they are saying, I plan on purchasing one of the Mega Arms SF-MATEN rifles in 6.5 creedmore, with a medium heavy profile 17 or 18 " barrel, adding a Superlative Arms Adjustable Gas Block Bleed Off and a Dead Air Armament suppressor to it. The following information is from a 2017 Remington magazine article I was reading at the bookstore yesterday about our armed services deciding to stick with the 7.62x51mm instead of the newer 6mm calibers. The head NC officer in charge of the special forces sniper school had done a survey of 108 school trained snipers who had seen service in Afghanistan and Iraq. The snipers were asked about engagement distances where they were employed as snipers. The average engagment distance for the 108 men across both theaters was 396 meters or 433 yards. Its likely the marines were seeing something very similar. He stated that while the newer 6 CM calibers would bring a slight external ballistic improvement to a sniper rifle, the effects would be almost neligible at those ranges. Even inside 700 yards, the differences between the 7.62x51mm and the other cartridges are not enough to warrant the headaches the smaller bores would bring in the form of a greater logistical burden and vastly decreased barrel life, etc., etc. He stated you would need a third as many rifles as there are snipers, just to keep the snipers operational. Thus the Marine Corp held on to the 7.62x51mm. Below is a Vid on barrel length.

            DMR Rifles Interview: Why a short barrel 6.5 Creedmoor?


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              I'm planning to build a 6.5 upper for my Maten for local matches. There's a couple guys running a 20" JP and doing well. I'm thinking of going 20".