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Sig MCX questions


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  • Sig MCX questions

    I am really interested in getting a Sig MCX. My end plan is to have a internally suppressed 16" overall length barrel or ~11" barrel with permanently attached suppressor. I have thought about just trying to get an 11.5", but as a civilian it appears that I can only get it with the arm brace, and moving the "pistol" to a SBR, or regular rifle with permanently attached barrel is a potential grey area that I do not want to F with.

    Next question is the gas system adjustable where the 16" barrel could be cut, suppressor installed and welded, then retune for suppressor. ? From what I had sound the 11.5" with the Sig suppressor is supposed to be GTG with no problems. Almost seems like getting the MCX 11.5" pistol, make it SBR, get the aluminum framed skeleton butt stock, and suppressor would be the most legal and simple way to go. With the SBR I am venturing into something I have not had before.

    Thanks !

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    No love for the MCX?