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  • Euro Optic Rimfire Trainer

    So....after a short 2 year wait. My rifle has finally arrived. Everything looks great. Fit and finish is excellent. Bolt runs very smooth for being new, and the weight feels right on par with a center fire rifle in the same stock.

    Unfortunately, my needs/wants have changed during the eternity it took to get this thing.'s going up for sale in the rimfire PX as soon as I have time to post it up there. Check it out once it's up if you so desire. No wait, which will be a huge plus for anyone interested.

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    Had to look up the price. Nice but damn.


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      Yeah, It was pricey. I will be selling it for a tad cheaper so another plus for anyone interested.


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        Nice, glad to see them shipping. GLWTS!
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          That's a pretty rifle. Glad they finally shipping. Would love to see a range report.

          GL with sale.

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            It certainly looks nice! Hope it goes quickly for you....
            Just another beautiful day in paradise!


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              Make sure you show the bottom metal when you post it for sale. Flatland1 built one of these and I bought it from him. The only thing he couldn't duplicate was the bottom metal. Mine shoots great and I love the action and stock. I didn't get to shoot mine as much this year but hope to next year.


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                Why would I need to show the bottom metal? Just for others to see? The bottom metal was custom built by seekins precision for these rifles and they only built what EO requested and could not make anymore because EO owns the rights to the design. Flatland's rifle was his own personal build and while it very closely resembled the EO rifle it was not the same thing.


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                  It would've been hard to come closer to duplicating the EO build, since I used the same Stiller action, and the Manners stock I bought off their inventory list was a spare done for EO, with the same inlet as the rest of the stocks Manners did for EO. I used a Krieger sendero contour blank instead of a Bartlein hvy Palma, and a Jewell HVR (don't recall what trigger EO used). I would've been happy to have been able to get one of the custom Seekins BM units designed for the Stiller, but since there were only 40 built for the EO run, my only option was to buy a centerfire DBM from Seekins, then mill the mag well down short enough to fit into the shallow BM inlet of the Manners stock. Always thought the custom BM would've made finding the magazine chute easier, but all I had to go on was the Solid Works drawing that EO posted here when they announced the availability of their run of 22 trainers.


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                    It's a Rifle Basix trigger in all the EO trainers, but I think you could upgrade to a Jewell if you wanted for extra cost. Mine has the Rifle Basix trigger.

                    Rifle is up in the PX as of now.