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Any tools for dry firing rimfire.


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  • Any tools for dry firing rimfire.

    I just got a new Anschutz and the trigger is 3oz. I need to get lots of trigger time in on this trigger. I was hoping something was out there for dry firing. I was wondering if I could use a spent piece of brass and just rotate it around. Any Ideas.
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    Buy spare firing pin and file it down so it wont hit the breech face. Probably more of a hassle to swap pins but its an option.


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      Google " Snap Caps for Rimfire "


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        Originally posted by Duc View Post
        Google " Snap Caps for Rimfire "
        This times 100. When dry firing, make sure the whole snap cap comes out though. I just had one break. The entire head came off the cap, but the body was stuck inside the chamber. I had to use a cleaning rod from the breach to get it out. That's not something I wanted to do with my 54.18.....
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          4-6-8 ◊ 7/8 drywall anchor..feeds from mags. Been using them for quite some time never had one break off yet. Just rotate the anchors so they are not hitting the same place.

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            ^^^^ Thats what I use as well. Take a black sharpie to mark the striker hit and rotate them around when loading. That way you're not hitting the same area over and over


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              Empty brass works fine
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