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Stolen Valor looking for a Tangent Theta


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  • Stolen Valor looking for a Tangent Theta

    Just had a douche bag call up looking for a Tangent Theta.

    He said things like "I compare everything to my leupold mark 4, and it's basically the best scope I've ever seen... better than S&B's even." "I just want to know if its worth the extra few thousand dollars." "I'm looking at a leupold mark 8, and it's just the best scope out there to look through."

    Then he started talking about his fake military career.

    "I don't really care about the ruggedness of the scope, because I'm not jumping out of helicopters, not using it to defend my life, not anymore." "A buddy of mine had a nightforce that was shot, and it still worked." (I found this particularly amusing since no one on earth hasn't seen the picture of the nightforce with a bullet hole in the tube.)

    After enduring 10 minutes or better of his stupidity, at that point I asked "What unit were you with?" He says "I'm sorry, what was that?" I said "What unit were you with?"


    He called from a blocked number, and had a 120lb hipster voice. Sounded like a total pussy. No doubt he's nothing but a sack of shit with a mouth. Just a heads up to my fellow vendors on the hide that this guy may be calling around looking for a military discount. It is for this reason that Primal Rights requires documentation and verification process of all military discounts.

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    I had a guy call me last year looking for a "military discount" on scopes. He just didn't sound right, and I as what his MOS was. He informed me he was a marine for 15 years, and they never issued him one.


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      I'm surprised anyone is surprised? It's the easiest scam to pull and ride the wave of deception in the world!! nobody wants to be themselves anymore.
      "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"
      Edmund Burke


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        We get an inordinate number of "ex marine snipers" coming through our long range practices here in swampy nowheresville Florida that have trouble getting their rifle and scope past 575 yards.

        I personally could care less what you say that you are or can do. The proof is there in your shooting. If you have trouble making impacts, I'll help you within the ability of you and your equipment.

        And as much as true stolen valor irritates me as a man of my word, I have not served and cannot/will not attempt to question anyone regarding their claims. I have no real basis.
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          As a retired Marine, I hear a lot about "Ex Marine snipers" It would seem that we had Battalions and Battalions of them. Most of them are Ex Recon also...............

          I always wonder why they take honorable service, no matter what they did, and degrade it with exaggeration.


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            Originally posted by TheOE800 View Post
            I mean, it's $4.6K? Do you blame him? LOL!
            Really? The snowflake is a dirtbag! Period!
            "Your job is not to die for your country. Your job is to make the other poor son of a bitch die for his." General George S Patton.