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Night force beast or 7-35 f1 Actar


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  • Night force beast or 7-35 f1 Actar

    Folks for a .375 ct single shot would you pick the 7-35 or the Beast. The beast has more elevation and that appeals to me, but the extra mag could be nice. It will mainly be for ringing gongs etc.

    its great to have the old snipers hide site back to !!
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    I asked about the 7-35 F1 in a thread right below this. From responses there as well as what I've read a lot of people say the reticle is too thick on 35x and that it's mostly for observation. I would personally go with the beast because I'm assuming you're shooting your .375 to 1500+ maybe some elr at 2000+ yards so you want the elevation to take advantage of the cartridge.
    IMO elevation takes full advantage of the cartridge not zoom range.
    May I suggest the Razor 2 though? Slightly higher magnification at 27x and a lot of elevation.

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      I've compared my 7-35 to my 5-25 f1 (which has the same glass as the beast), I dare say the 7-35 resolves more at 25x.

      outside of that they're nearly identical in every way.

      My 7-35 also gives me more elevation than is listed.

      not sure what the total travel on the beast is, but if you need it then you need it. Otherwise take a serious look at the 7-35. It's awesome.
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        Thanks folks.....I did read last night that some owners are finding their 7-35's have around 120 or 130 minutes. I agree elevation is very important for a long range scope.
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