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Swaro 8x32 EL (Swarobright) vs Swaro 8x32 (Swarovsion)


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  • Swaro 8x32 EL (Swarobright) vs Swaro 8x32 (Swarovsion)

    Just sold a pair of 10x42 ELs (Swarobright) and am downsizing to the 8x32 ELs (easier to carry for me). I have a dealer that has a very late model Swarobright version in their showroom that I can get NIB for about $1500. The more current version which is the Swarovision model would run me about $2200.

    Some have said that the difference in the "bright" vs "vision" models might be discernable on the larger binos but on the 8x32s, probably not.

    Can anyone provide first hand observations?

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    Have had is discernible and has nothing to do with the size of the objective. The swarovision in my opinion is definitely worthwhile. if you check around you should be able to a used 8x32 el swarovision for under 1800


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      Have now personally compared the older SwaroBRIGHT ELs vs the current SwaroVISION ELs (both were 8x32s).

      The "rolling ball" effect when scanning from side to side in the SwaroVISION ELs is clearly evident to my eyes and very annoying. When I mentioned it to the sales person who was with me outside the store when I tested them, he immediately came to the same conclusion. Some have complained about this, others say it's not an issue. For me personally, I wouldn't own the newer version as it would drive me crazy after a while.
      If this isn't discernable to other individuals, these are spectacular binos in every other aspect.


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        True on the RBE, I live in big open country, so if I do scan I do it slowly and then put them on a tripod to study the terrain for critters. Certainly nothing wrong with the older model, no RBE and as good or better than the rest of the herd and great secondary market pricing