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NV Mount Issue


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  • NV Mount Issue

    Hoping to get some advice from someone who has run into this before.

    I have a set of NV goggles and want to helmet mount. Got a PT Bravo helmet and Rhino II mount. The issue is that even with the Rhino adjustment all the way back they are still about half an inch too far away from my eyes to get the best possible FOV.

    Anyone else run into this and have a solve before I start trying to fabricate something?

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    Hmm, sounds like the mounting plate need to be tilted forward.

    Not sure if you have it bolted down or are using the strap assembly with the edge catches.

    In any case fashion a spacer to tilt the top of the plate forward which in turn will pivot the eyepiece end toward your eyes.


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      IMG_4936.JPG It's bolted to the helmet. After more inspection I've located the issue and I'm new to NV so please excuse the newbie questions.

      The original mounting plate plate looks like a dovetail as pictured above. I put a transfer adapter on it for a bayonet style mount and it attaches where the screws are, toward the eyepiece end of the mount. By doing that I lost about an inch of rail space which would close the gap.

      So I either need a different type of adapter or figure out how to mount the current adapter at the end of the dovetail. Thoughts?


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        Look at TNVC's website. Lots of good info on each of the products they sell.


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          Well Furious George, looks like you may want to consider putting the Norotos II out of the equation and just buy the proprietary armasight #4 mount. Since it looks like your working with the Armasight NYX-7 your probably better off going with the mounts for that system. As is the case with most things it possible to make almost anything work but just isn't always practical. You did chose a great mount and cool looking NVG, best of luck to you getting it helmet mounted.


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            I just never imagined I would have this much trouble and can't believe there isn't a simple adapter that works.

            I've called armasight twice and they can't answer as to whether the rail on the goggle will fit a dovetail mount or if it's proprietary and needs an adapter.

            Ive sunk too much money into this to scrap it and start over with a different mount. I think it's time to just fab something, shouldn't be too hard.


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              So after talking with Armasight they said they couldn't help me. I took a couple of spare parts I had laying around and built an adapter that solved the issue. Cost me about $5 and works perfectly.

              Also, in case anyone else is wondering, the mini rail is equivalent to a 3/8 dovetail