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  • Which thermal

    Of these two, Pulsar HD19s or Eotech x320? Not taking price into account. Which would you choose for hunting pigs and why? Thanks!

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    Someone should buy that LWTS for sale down below. Amazing optic

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      Where's that lwts?


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        was looking at these ATN mars-HD thermal rifle scopes last week very impressed for a ATN did a side by side with a MTM ATN was the clear winner in terms off res and picture quality can get these cheaper than the pulsar xp kitt and they have more mag


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          Nowadays with the price of thermals coming down I would never waste my money on s spotter that is low resolution. Do yourself a favor and get a 640 unit. Try and steer clear of pulsar if possible also. I'm a dealer for several brands and they are about the only brand my customers ever have break. Just about every single one I've sold has had problems eventually.



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              Interesting, our sister company Night Goggles has a well under 1% return rate on ALL Pulsars and they move a ton of product. They have many happy customers and just didn't become dealers of them. Used their gear for several years now.
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                That's good to hear, Victor. I've had a Pulsar HD38a for over a year and it's been solid. I'll be buying a new thermal scope in a few months and it's been between the new Pulsar Trail 50 and the ATN Thor. I really want the Pulsar to be a good reliable product. ATN has always come off as cheap to me
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                  I'd go Oasys if you can get your hands on one