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    Please share this to any relevant pages/forums.

    Our barrel maker is out of town. It's a big deal with his grand kids at Disney World in FL. One of them just whipped cancer's ass and the Make a Wish Foundation decided Mickey Mouse needed a visit. . .


    We are out of sticks. We burned up about 15 of em today running the latest batch of RPR jobs. Kenny is out of town for the next 10 days. You are welcome to place the order however it's likely we won't see the next batch of sticks for at least 20 days. It will then take us the typical 6-10 to get the ball rolling again.

    As I said, please pass this around as we get tomahawked daily with status updates.

    Thank you.



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    Shit Chad, even with your "delays" you're still the fastest gun in the West. Congrats to your guy and his family for his granddaughter's successful battle. Best wishes to the LRI family.
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      Anybody that gripes about these delays is a SHIT BIRD and the rest of us will be wishing the BEST to your GUY and LRI also !
      Sorry for the language but I'm in a mood !
      Best wishes to all concerned .


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        I've guided kids through the Mouse on Make a Wish visits as a volunteer before and it is humbling and exciting at the same time. When you see the strength that these kids and their parents have had and the sheer enjoyment of a free visit to a place where they can let go for just a while, it's heartening. It's been a few years, but when I did it, Disney rolled out the extras for these kids and their families. Fast Pass or front of line access to all rides, greeted by cast members when they arrive and they do this all of the time.

        I hope that they enjoy themselves and that not too many of your customers lose it over a relatively small delay. Smart of you to post up front though.


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          Congrats to the family !
          Great info, thanks for posting.


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            Go Kenny, unwind and hoist a Bud for me.

            Good marksmanship is no accident.


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              So cool that they bring the extended family. I for one welcome the slowdown so a man can take time and focus on something truly important.

              Lash - It is simply amazing to see these kids. As the stories go, when the parents are overwhelmed, its the bald chemo kid giving them a hug and telling them it will be fine. Sounds like a cool volunteer gig to get to meet the little ones.


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                the best reason ever to hold up production...


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                  Just damn. ........ I didn't know there was a grand kid. I remember when Timmy was born. Shit Im getting old. Kenny and Peg must be happy but exhausted.
                  Lookout Bigfoot . The team is building.