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Wolf Precision's Moving Target Clinic in Swainsboro, GA


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  • Wolf Precision's Moving Target Clinic in Swainsboro, GA

    Wolf Precisions's Moving Target Clinic 2018

    We are heading back to Cool Acres Sporting Camp in Swainsboro, GA to teach one of my favorite shooting skills. Shooting moving targets. This will be our third time back to Swainsboro for this class. Come a learn the art understood by few and mastered by even less. Moving Targets!

    For those that know me, shooting movers is one of my favorite types of targets. Teaching it is one of my favorite subjects. This is a two day course April 21-22, 2018 with a free sight in/open range day on Friday the 20th.

    This is an advanced subject that does require both good fundamentals and working D.O.P.E. for your rifle. You will have to have a reticle in your scope to attend this course. Minutes or Mils will be fine. We will also be shooting from the prone position with half the shooters on the line and the other half in the pits. We will have a vehicle there to switch you out and rotate, so no more than 9 shooters on the line at a time. The course is strictly limited to 18 students with two instructors. Keeping the student to instructor ratio small allows as much one on one time needed to help each student learn and grow.

    Classes will be held at Cool Acres Sporting Camp on private ground with targets ranging from 100 yards to 1000 yards.
    Our goal is to share with you years of experience over two days. The classroom and shooting course is challenging, but it will set you up for success both at the range and in the field.

    We also have 4 school rifles available if the student does not already have a rifle or does not want to use their own. The only thing we want you to have to bring is a passion to want to learn the art of shooting movers. Details can be found here!

    April 21-22, 2018 - 18 Slots Available

    Subjects Covered

    Range Safety and safety equipment
    Proper Equipment to get started
    Basic Shooting Fundamentals
    Understanding MOA and Mils
    Reading the Wind
    Spotting (what to look for)

    Advanced Use of Your Mil Dot Reticle for Shooting - Holding for Elevation and Wind
    Shooting Moving Targets

    Helpful Field Tips

    Equipment List

    Rifle- Bolt or semi-automatic capable of 1 MOA or better repeatable accuracy. Calibers .223 and up. Magnums are welcome but discouraged - it is important to have a rifle that YOU can shoot well for up to 100 rounds per day. If you must bring a Magnum or any other heavy recoiling rifle, consider a muzzle brake or suppressor for recoil reduction.

    * Please be sure to verify your rifle's accuracy prior to the school. 1 inch at 100 yards or less is preferred. A little over that will still allow you to run through the course. If you do not have a rifle that meets the above requirements please consider using one of our school issued rifles.

    Ammunition- 200 rounds minimum of quality handloaded or commercial match gradeammunition, please be sure to proof this in your gun prior to coming to the school. No full metal jacketed ammo permitted at the range!

    Scope - Quality optics with magnification of 10x or more. Must have externally adjustable elevation and windage knobs. A minute or Mil reticle is mandatory. Along with a level on your rifle.

    The Harris ďSĒ (swivel) series 6-9 or Atlas seems to work best. A Bi-pod lock will help but is not mandatory.

    Rear Bag- For a very stable shooting platform for under the butt of the rifle.

    Eye and Ear Protection- Mandatory.

    Notebook- With pens/pencils/calculator for notes during class and collecting data on the range.

    Clothing- Suitable for weather conditions, we shoot rain, snow or shine. Sunscreen? Bring weather appropriate clothing.

    Pack or Gear Bag- For carrying gear to and from range/firing positions.

    Food/Water- Pack a lunch for after classroom session and bring snacks to eat during range time. Pack extra water for hot weather.

    Shooting Mat- A shooting mat or tarp will be needed for in the field shooting.

    Extras- Scope level, Spotting Scope and wind meter would be nice to have handy, but not mandatory.

    Cost for the course is $595.00
    School rifles (rentals) are $545.00 and includes ammunition!

    Classes are small with seating limited so sign up today! A $250.00 non-refundable depsoit is required to reserve your slot.

    Customer Information: Send along with check or Money Order to:
    ​ Wolf Precision, Inc. 111 Kartes St. Johnstown, PA 15906



    Phone number_________________________________________________________

    Class Date ______________________________Email_________________________
    *Please specify if you are bringing your own rifle or using the schools.

    Jamie Dodson
    Wolf Precision, Inc.