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AAR - K&M Precision Comprehensive PR Course (August 4-7th)


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  • AAR - K&M Precision Comprehensive PR Course (August 4-7th)

    So...after an amazing week in Tennessee, I figured an after action report from an average shooter, is warranted to help with folks looking to decide if traveling to a class is for them and if a facility like K&M is an option. Please feel free to ask any questions and I'll happily answer. I will admit, I am 100% in love with K&M as a result of this course and cannot recommend another location based on the exceptional experience I had with this facility and its team.

    - I e-mailed/contacted K&M about attending the course approximately a month ago. I was fortunate to pick up a certificate off a prize table to attend the course. While not free, it was a nice discount and coupled with the recommendation of some of the top shooters nationally that I'm fortunate to know, I was sold on attending.
    - Coming from AZ, the decision of traveling with my own gear was the largest question. K&M offers house guns and ammo for use/sale and to say that it is an undersold item...let me tell you. The two classmates that elected to go this route were spoiled with GA Precision rifles, topped with Kahles 6-24x optics that Shannon Kay mounted the day of the class and ammo was from Copper Creek. So's good kit and not just simply a "loaner," rifle and some ammo.
    - Shannon and Julie Kay answered every question I asked and were always looking to ensure that I was taken care of through the process. I elected to fly with my rifle and ship ammunition. All goodies arrived without a hitch and this was certainly partially due to their efforts.
    - Given the proximity of the range/facility to a town/city, and in talking with the Kay's, staying at the bunk house is what I elected to do for accommodations. The ability to interact with classmates and the instructors after hours was a huge draw and staying at the range property as a bit of a vacation was attractive as well. More to follow.

    Arrival at the Facility:
    - I elected to fly in to Nashville, even though Memphis was a good bit closer. Picked up the rental car, stopped at Prince's for some of their famous hot chicken and then headed to Finger, TN.
    - It's a VERY easy drive, even after getting off the highway. Tennessee is gorgeous country and the route to K&M does not disappoint.
    - After turning on to Conner Road, you struck by literally what looks like a Kentucky horse training facility and then you see the towers/platforms, etc. and you know you're at K&M. It's an immaculately manicured facility that I'd say from brief experience has no rival.
    - Julie was there to welcome me to the bunk house, show me around and offer assistance/tips in going to the appropriate Wal-Mart for provisions. Bedding was supplied and the bunkhouse is definitely an undersold item. For anyone attending...STAY AT THE BUNKHOUSE!!! While where we stayed is becoming only for instructors, the new facility is even nicer, will accommodate more people and you still have the instructor interaction you want.
    - As my classmates arrived and Mike Rogan (instructor) arrived we all started hanging out and sharing stories. This is 100% integral to the experience at K&M.
    - My classmate John and I left for Wal-Mart to grab some food for the week and returned in just over an hour and a half ('s not that far away).
    - Upon our return, Shannon arrived and greeted us with open arms.

    Training Days:
    - Every day begins at 8am, with either classroom time or range time. The first two days begin with class time addressing topics like equipment, zeroing, range estimation, movers, etc. The three instructors (Shannon Kay, Mike Rogan and Jason Redding) are each uniquely qualified in their respective professional backgrounds, but above all they are students of teaching and take an immense amount of pride in being able to take the knowledge and information they possess and transfer it to you the student.
    - The most clear message that is transmitted to the student is that at K&M, the bar is raised higher. Consistency = Success and you must raise your own standards if you're seeking to improve. It's as simple as that.
    - Over the four days, we were nailing targets out to 1200, doing unknown distance calculations with pass/fail shots to confirm and figure out where we could improve, wind reading on long range targets, constantly tested on KYL's/plate racks and of course engaged moving targets at 300 and 500 yards. We learned to engage targets from multiple shoot houses, improvised positions, how to build proper positions, shooting from barricades, rooftops, rocks, pipes, truck trailers, rooftops, steps, etc. The point...the obstacle is the obstacle. Take the time to build a stable position that gets you close to where you want to be (prone) and then have the discipline to make an appropriate shot.
    - Personally, smashing hostage targets from a rooftop through a bus window was a personal favorite with the movers being my number one area of wanted exposure.

    After Hours:
    - Where the real payoff is. Besides the priceless steak dinners at Snookums, the interaction and talking about shooting with instructors and students was invaluable. This of course isn't the only thing we talked about, but in the words of Mike Rogan, "Damn near"!
    - The interaction with each other forges friendships and frankly builds the community of shooters that we all arguably covet.

    - There are a number of excellent facilities across the country and equally good instructors. Personally, the experience of K&M and seeing first hand how much Shannon and his team truly invest themselves in our success as students is pretty hard to find and has garnered my loyalty and trust. I will definitely be going back for the same course in the future and will equally be looking to attend other courses at K&M.

    Again, if there are any questions, please do not hesitate to post/PM and you can be assured to not get less than the unabashed truth.

    K&M Alumni
    "The callus on my finger is from my trigger, not the keyboard!" - Rob Leatham

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    Well said. I took two new shooters for the intro course and K&M exceeded all expectations. It is all but impossible to tell one school from another when looking at them over the internet. After spending a few days with Shannon (and Mike and Jason) I do not plan on going anywhere else for future classes and give K&M my highest recommendation for anyone looking to better their skills. Be it basic rifle skills, PRS, or hunting, they have the expertise. I am currently getting a group together for the comprehensive course.

    One thing you must do is bring a bottle (or two) of high-quality bourbon for the instructors. They will have earned it.


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      The comprehensive course was awesome and I'll be back. An acceptable substitute to high quality bourbon is rum, as one of my classmates owns the company and brought two bottles.
      "The callus on my finger is from my trigger, not the keyboard!" - Rob Leatham