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Northeast LRP 1000 Yard course for beginner Intermediate shooters NEW DATE ADDED


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  • Northeast LRP 1000 Yard course for beginner Intermediate shooters NEW DATE ADDED
    2 Day courses, held in Lewistown PA is great for beginners and intermediate shooters. If you are just starting out and have only shot at 100 yards, that's okay, we will have you hitting 1000 yards on day two.. Shooters will learn the fundamentals of ballistics and engage targets out to 1000+ yards. During the course, there will be multiple skills drills, a night shoot, prize giveaways, top shooter award, free lodging at the clubhouse, BBQ at the firing line, and more. We also have Long Range 2 PRS style course dates available.
    Visit our website for details and check us out on Instagram and Facebook under Ghost Firearms Training for lots of pictures and student reviews.
    Any questions feel free to call 7 days a week 8am-10pm 631-902-0972
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    Yes, we will chronograph all rifles on day one and get all shooters ballistic charts out to 1000 yards - 1mile.


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      I will have to keep this class in mind. Have been thinking about doing a class but I feel as my shooting suffers so much now, I need to get out and do some shooting before I try a class.


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        I have been interested in taking a long range precision course for a while now, but I had a couple of quick equipment questions. I am relatively new to the precision rifle world, having spent most of the last ten years shooting carbines and pistols. My current setup is a suppessed Remington 700 with a 16.5" heavy barrel chambered in .308. The scope is an SWFA 3-15x42 FFP. I can consistently score hits out to 500 yards with it, but I have never taken it beyond that. Is a 16.5" barrel sufficient for sending a 308 out to 1000 and beyond or will I suffer from the diminished velocity at those distances?

        If that is an adequate setup, then I will likely jump in on a course this fall or next spring.


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          Are you guys holdin the class in the same place as Black Hat ? Mfflin county sportsmens?
          When I started shooting I could see the target but I could not hit it, now I cam hit the traget but can not see it.