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  • Should I buy Quickload

    For the past few years I've considered downloading Quickload, but could never bring myself to. Over time I feel had I started using the software I could have potentially resolved a few headaches. Is Quickload worth the money -- or is a guy better off putting the funds toward components?

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    I have exactly one week experience with QuickLOAD.

    Overall, I'm very pleased.

    Software is very powerful, not lacking for bullet and powder choices.

    User manual is next to useless. Fortunately the program is fairly intuitive.

    There are many shortcuts and useful searches you learn over time. We might start a Tips and Tricks thread.

    Very useful for calculating pressure based on your unique COAL and case capacities. Very sensitive if you must know.

    The key question is the value of seeking Optimal Barrel Time (OBT) node loads. Google Chris Long Optimal Barrel Time.

    I back tested several of my loads I know to be accurate. Sure enough they were on or close to OBT nodes.

    New loads I worked up using QuickLOAD were accurate enough to stop right there and load a bunch for further testing.

    Where it gets interesting is the hidden feature which allows a search for same barrel times with different powders.

    Several times this has lead me to powders that would not have been my first picks based on velocity and pressures. IMR 4895 over Varget by a long shot for 75 g Amax for example.

    I hesitated for three years. Should have bought it sooner.

    The obvious disclaimer is don't believe everything you see on a screen. There can be errors in his data or formulas. Check all loads against other sources and work up to maximum pressures.

    That said, I don't regret the purchase in any way. If I use it for 20 years, it's only $8 per year.

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      I have Jan program for probably 3 years. I use it in the same manner Hawk does. It probably save you enough time in components and time to pay for itself.

      If it it is worth it I guess depends on what you already have and your goals. I think there are many other things I would prioritize over this. This is probably my least used tool as far as shooting and reloading goes but it is very handy. On top of that there are many calibers that you can pretty much predict or get petty close to the optimal barrel time without program due to the amount of information out there like the 6.5cm and .308.

      Here are a few things I would want to make sure I had before I ever bought this: kestrel, chrono, good reloading scale, something to anneal with, good scope, good dies. For me if I had all of the above then I would probably start looking at this.

      Some people probably will say unless your doing a lot of load experimenting or shooting a bunch of odd ball cartridges then you don't need it. There probably right but I sure like it and all I shoot are a 300 ultra mag and 6.5 cm. I use it to help a couple of friends too and for me I think it was worth it.
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        I just bought it myself after debating myself on whether to purchase or not. It came in Monday and I have been playing around with it for know loads and things that I wanted to test out, so far very glad I did.


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          Being newer to the program, these might be handy.

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            What Hawk said. It will save time, money, bullets and a lot of testing. Good bang for the buck.
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              Anyone who likes to experiment or play with multiple bullets, multiple powders and even more importantly, wildcats will find QuickLoad invaluable. The interface is ancient by today's standards, but it works. There also isn't a comparable solution on the market today.
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                Originally posted by AIAW View Post
                Anyone who likes to experiment or play with multiple bullets, multiple powders and even more importantly, wildcats will find QuickLoad invaluable. The interface is ancient by today's standards, but it works. There also isn't a comparable solution on the market today.
                This. If you're a tinkerer, it's great to compare powders, seating depths etc to see what changes with regard to velocity and pressure. I will say that the default data can be wrong, so it's always good to measure your bullet length yourself and compare it to the library data. Also, it seems to fall apart a little bit once you compress the load. And in a perfect world, you'd be able to select primers too. But overall I'm a huge fan. No more buying random powders just because of where they are in the burn rate chart, I can run them in the software to see what they'll do for me first. It's a very powerful tool that clears away much of the fog of what's happening in your chamber. I wish someone would do the same for shotshells!


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                  Not your initial question I know but pair it with QuickDesign and you can alter existing cases for your own design fairly easily or make an all new one


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                    I love the program, it's pretty accurate as far as when you start reaching max pressure with most of the powders. It does save a fair amount of components doing load development because usually the books are very conservative on powder drops in my experience. I don't have a clue on the OBT even though I've tried researching it a little, I like the idea of a thread on tips and tricks for it. My shooting buddies give me a call as soon as they buy a new rifle so I can get them a starting point. One is going to buy the program after seeing how useful it is.