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6.5 CM 135 JLK loads?


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  • 6.5 CM 135 JLK loads?

    Checking to see if anyone has a recommended loads for the 135's using H4350 and/or R17 and R26 using hornady brass. Ive got 2lbs of H4350 but im seeing a lot better speeds being had with the RL17 and 26.

    Also, if you have and loads with the 140 eldm's and RL17 and 26, that would be cool to see as well b/c im currently shooting the 140s over H4350.

    Thanks fellas.

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    Tag as I lucked into some 135 classic Hunters and some R26. Going to try Bergerís published loads for that bullet/powder combo and see how it goes.


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      I reckon i should look at that myself.


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        I have tried 130's with RL26. RL26 is a miracle powder, for bullet with weights that are heavy for the bore diameter (.30 cal; 200+gr / .264 cal; 140+gr / .243 cal; 105+ gr). I have tried the RL26 and 130 Berger combo; and although I got crazy speeds (3100+ fps), I could never get it happy. Groups always stayed around 3/4"-1" at 100 yards.
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          I've got h4350, rl17, and waiting on my rl26. im sure i can easily get a load with the h4350