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Data for short barrels


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  • Data for short barrels

    I noticed that most of the data here is generated by the guys shooting longer barrels (24 inches plus) and shooting from one coast to the other. I'd like to see some data related to shorter guns. I'm shooting a 20 inch 260 so powder choice is certainly different for me. I can't be the only one can I ??? Here's my shit:

    Tikka CTR .260 stainless, factory barrel, in an MDT chassis (suppressor on the way)

    Case: Nosler (neck turned and neck sized)
    Primer: CCI 200
    Bullet: Lapua 139gr. Scenar
    Powder: 43.0gr. IMR-4155
    COAL: 2.790

    Awesome shooting load. I have now fired this load in a 52 degree temperature swing (18-70 degrees) and the numbers are really consistent. Interested to see what it will do when things get into the 90's though.