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  • Sniper Data Book pages

    Having purchased/received and compiled more than a few Data Books, I still come to the conclusion that most if not all have far too much "filler". Can members post pics/links to the more useful pages that most commercial offerings omit? Target height charts/lead/movers/vehicle tempates/rets etc. Post whatever you think is really usefull that you use or have come accross?

    There is a huge amount of info out there and no doubt more than a few excellent custom unpublished ideas.

    Please post and share here!

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    Hi emouse, not what you are after but I have gone through the same process of purchasing and making databook pages. I now find it easier to use loose leaf right in the rain pages and write up what I need - far more adaptable this way. My 2 cents worth


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      I forget where I saw it, but there's a site you can download ALL SORTS of targets, range cards and data book pages. Free. Wish I could tell you which one. I print off on rain paper too.

      There's another site, forget it at the moment too, but for a small fee you can download most TM's and FM's too. Some of them have range cards and IIRC, data book pages. That site is a good one too look at too. Scribd I think?

      Just search and you should be able to find them.

      I like a target shaped just like the target I'm shooting at, even if I have to draw it. I like a box for all the environmental data --distance, elevation, time, weather, wind, mirage, etc. What you want dictates which/how many boxes you need. Load data and which weapon. Shooting position. A place for notes. I like 'em printed on both sides.

      Then these can be made using Word and/or Excel and cutting and pasting a picture of the appropriate target(s). I also like to make some with blank target boxes so I can draw my own. This is probably the best way because you can get exactly what you want and print it off on rain paper and/or laminate for use with map markers (I like to do this and then transfer the data to a paper card, this way it's all neat and clean). All up to you.

      I need to do this again as I'm running out of older ones and will be adding some new gear like a Kestrel and BC so I'd like to have all that on there. I'll probably make my own using Excel and just print 'em off that way this time. I just have far more control over what I want it to look like. Good luck!


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        I like impact data books. I just build my own with the pages I need that way it's customized for me and not filled with other "filler". They have all kinds of different pages and target height stuff. I usually use the shooters diary pages the most.

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          Impact Data Books have been great for me. You can set your data book up with what you want and need in it. Not what someone else thinks you need.


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            While Impact Data Books is my first real data book short of round count and general dope sheets, I have found most of their pages to be great. I went standard size over the pocket book, as some things require very fine writing even in standard form... My hand writing isn't too precise most of the time. lol


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              come on seriously guys? just links to commercial data books?


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                I have a bunch of stuff saved on a hard drive somewhere (old computer I think). I'll try to remember after Irma blows through and see if I can find some stuff to post up.

                For things that I use the most, like new load drop charts and Chrono charts, I have made my own using Excel and I print them out on the back of 5x8 index cards. But somewhere, I have a bunch of that information, like target estimations, formulas, range cards, etc. I only have to print those once usually.


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                  Tag for further info.... I've been making my own for a long long time.... Considering entering the fully modular, customized, made with your info you want on it type pages... Shit ain't cheap to have printed and made (especially on RiR paper)...
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                    I like Impact Data Books.

                    I initially started with a bunch of pages, mostly along the lines of the NRA targets in varying ranges.

                    After playing for 5-6 years Ive come down to realizing that the most useful for me are the generic circle targets. Mostly now I shoot a corresponding size circle for whatever range Im at...100 yards = 1 inch, 200 yards = 2 inch, etc. The targets are useful at all ranges because I define the size of the circle on the page.

                    The title page/personal information page is helpful.

                    Note pages get used.

                    The gun information page is good,

                    The range card pages are good if you have the good fortune to be able to set out and shoot your own steel. The funnest part of such a shooting day is drawing your range card, ranging your target and judging your success or failure by either getting a hit or miss on your first shot. I figure it out all data beforehand on the range card.

                    Round count and maintenance pages are good to have if you are not using a rifle book. My data books are now part of the rifle. If I ever sell the pages will go with the rifle and hopefully the future owner will find value in the data.

                    The reference pages are useful or at least nice to have to "reference" in a pinch if you are like me and don't really know your shit but know how to get the answer.

                    Agreed there are a lot of pages and most may not apply. I took a class with Tony Gimmele and we did shoot a lot of the targets that I don't typically shoot and Impact offers a page for all of them.

                    The nice thing is that Impact gives you plenty of choice and than provides the gear to allow you to exercise your options.

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                    Figure out what is important to you and buy it. You really can make a skinny, efficient data book if you define your typical shooting session.
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                      I'm not trying to hijack the thread but since its titled "sniper" data books...i was just wondering if there was any verfied snipers on here that might have been at one of the schools houses in last decade that might know if data books are still being taught and used? or is everything digital now?


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                        Originally posted by Emouse View Post
                        come on seriously guys? just links to commercial data books?



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                          The Impact Data Books were designed by me. I have 10 years in the USMC 7 years as a sniper, 23 years as a professional shooter, and 17 years of Law Enforcement and instructing. If you haven't seen our products I think you will be pleased with them.
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                          Impact Data Books is often imitated but never duplicated. We are your #1 source for modular data books for military, law enforcement and competitive shooters.