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  • Ladder test result

    hi guys would like some help with this ladder test. 139 scenars loaded at coal 2.840 10 thou off lands for my 6.5x47l. Loaded in .3 g increments from 38.2-40.6 of H4350

    it looks like a node at 40g as shots 6,7,8 (39.7-40.3) had inch vertical at 300m. Also possible a node at shots 4,5,6 (39.1-39.7) had 1 and a quarter inch vertical.

    however shots 7,8 and shots 4,5 had almost no vertical at all. Where should I go from here 40g seems pretty high I didn't really want to run it this hard there were no pressure signs but that seems pretty high compared to what others use. Was hoping to find a lower node. I'm think of doing another 300m ladder with 5 of 40g and 5 of 39.4 what do y'all think?
    300m ladder 6.5x47l 139 scenar H4350
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    Load between 7 and 8 and shoot for groups at 300. You probably havn't maxed pressure out yet, I'd work on up to 41.4 grains after shooting a group at 300.


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      thanks mate I will load some up between 7&8 and re shoot what about 4&5 they were close as well? There were no pressure signs at 40.6 but I didn't think many went this high (41.4) with the 6.5x47L that's getting up there with creedmoor loads?


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        You would probably be surprised how many are loading 6.5 creed with 42-43g of H4350. It depends on the rifle chamber and brass.


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          hi lash yer I guess I thought there was a bit more difference between the 2. I remember reading the 6.5x47l cartridge guide by the 6.5 guys and they were talking max loads around 39.6 of H4350 with 139 scenars I was a bit surprised a people going up over 41g. My coal is right up there approaching those using 6.5 creedmoor so I can prolly get away with a hotter load. I was able to fit 43g H4350 in there with only a slightest crunch and that was without vibrating the case or pouring through a long tube etc that was just pouring straight in with a funnel. I didn't shoot it at 43g though just wanted to see how much I could get in with the 139 scenars, 42g had no crunch at all.


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            I've had as much as 44g+ in my .260 before seeing pressure signs, but 42ish grains or thereabouts is almost always a good node for .260. At least in my limited experience of just three different barrels/rifles.