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Peterson Brass Report 375CT Review


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  • Peterson Brass Report 375CT Review

    Here's my initial report:

    1.) It comes packaged better than any other brass, in an MTM style plastic case
    2.) It is the best looking brass in terms of the polish they do to it
    3.) The primer pockets are VERY tight, like Lapua tight. Seating a primer requires a good deal of initial force and a final increase in required force, it's kind of bimodal
    4.) The cases weigh 5 grains more than Jamison and 10 grains more than Bertram
    5.) The unfired H2O capacity is 160 grains. The fired capacity in my gun is 165 grains. By comparison, Jamison fired capacity in my gun is also 165 grains, Bertram is 167 grains
    6.) After 3 firings with 134 grains of VV N570 pushing a 350 SMK at 3110 fps, the pockets remain just as tight as a new case. There is a faint ejector swipe with this load and some primer cratering, but no other signs of pressure. Tomorrow I'm trying 135 grains, which in Bertram gets me 3135 fps.
    7.) The case mouth needs chamfered prior to loading
    8.) The extractor groove is much wider than Bertram or Jamison

    Overall I think this is turning out to be top quality brass and I would wager it may become the "go to" brass for the Cheytacs, esp since it's $2.50 a case and Bertram is now running $3.00 per case

    I hope to get several more firings from my batch of 10 cases I'm working with over the next several weeks. That should tell me about durability in terms of case necks (I'm going to start off by not annealing) and primer pockets with my new "warm" load of N570. Stay tuned.

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    thanks for the update!


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      Excellent review. I ordered 300 pieces of Bertram a while ago, but for my next order I will definitely try Peterson out. It looks way cleaner versus the Bertram.
      "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." --Thomas Edison


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        Speaking of brass - either Bertram is total crap or I have FL sizing die issues. I believe FL sizing is overworking and wrecking mine, as noted here.
        "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." --Thomas Edison