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Using the zero offset on the kestrel 5700..


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  • Using the zero offset on the kestrel 5700..

    Howdy fellas,
    Alright, I will admit. I'm computer stupid. I did manage to figure out the Kestrel and make fairly good use of it. I read LLs article on the zero offset feature, even went back and reviewed the original instructions.
    Still not clear on what goes where, so I m asking for assistance from better brains than mine. So if in rifle number one I use hybrid 140s, zero at 100yds so point of aim equals point of impact. Then I switch to hornady 147 and my impact is say 2 inches low. Do I create a second rifle profile for the 147 grain round and input the 2 inches low in the zero offset window there? Or do I input in the 140 hybrid entry?
    Thank you in advance for any clarification.

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    Your on point. With a 147 gr profile created, input it 2" low. Only way to find out that it tracks is to shoot it.


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      Thank you. Kinda what I figured but glad you clarified that. Will be testing tomorrow...Will post my results. Hope it will help someone else too...