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Kestrel 4500 AB or the 5700 sportsman AB link


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  • Kestrel 4500 AB or the 5700 sportsman AB link

    Trying to figure out what my needs are. I'm a 6.5 CM amateur shooter with a few matches unde my belt. I'll be mainly needing the kestrel for a 6.5 and AR. Should I spend the extra and get the 5700 or save some money and get the 4500. I know the elite is the top of the chart, but just trying to figure out between the two which suits my needs

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    I think go for the sportsman 5700. The reason I'd go this route is the ability to upgrade it to the 5700 elite if you ever outgrow or need more out of your Kestrel. Another reason is resale value, should you ever decide to part with it.


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      Don't get a 4500. Kestrel no longer supports the 4000 series. Do what he ^^^^^^ said.
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        Those 2 reasons right there make 100% sense. Thanks gents!


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          We don't sell many of the Sportsman, mostly because they are really only meant for up to 800 yards vs the Elite which is up to 4000 yards. But as one user suggests, you can upgrade later remotely for the price difference.. you can NOT add LiNK later, so be sure to get it with LiNK. With LiNK you can get firmware updates from your phone app, will connect with more and more range finders and scopes, but most importantly its how you get the custom drag curves when you move over your gun/ammo from the app to the meter.

          Hope that helps, here's a Kestrel Compare chart so you can see the differences.