The Pathetic Circus In Full Swing

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I've got nothing but hate in my heart towards these pieces of shit. I wish them ill will on a scale unimaginable to most.....

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300 prc vs 300 norma mag

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So i read this article below that says the 300 prc outperformed the 300 norma mag in testing past 2000 yards. If both use the same bullet and both have low extreme spreads but the 300 norma mag is about 75fps faster, then how is this even possible...

Latinos turned Virginia blue.

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I will not make any judgment about Latinos, however, there has been enormous Latino population growth in VA recently.

It’s not a coincidence that the Democrats took power.

They used immigration to overwhelm the system.

*I’m sure most Latinos are...

I am sick of hearing about people and snow.

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Everytime, I watch the news all I see and hear is people driving crappy small cars stuck or spinning out in the snow. WTF, why do so many people drive these crappy cars in the snow. Why cant they opt for 4x4?, I live in the west and all my cars or 4...

18" MK12 vs 20" Service Rifle/SDM

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I'm looking to upgrade the barrel on my AR. This rifle currently has an 18" MK12 barrel and is mostly just a project gun that I've been slowly upgrading into a premium component rifle. I use it for steel out as far as I can go (usually 700yrds on the...

Vietnam Tiger Stripe in Cerakote

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Just shipped this monster back to the owner today. We did his Barrett M82A1 in Vietnam Tiger Stripe camo using the following colors: Graphite Black, OD Green, Athlon Brown (custom mix to match the Athlon scope) and Mud Brown...


az _desert
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I am looking to get a scope for a AXMC - I will buy the 308 and 338 barre, ls too but mostly shooting .300 WM .

Any input will be greatly appreciate it.

(I was thinking ATACR™ 7-35×56 F1), I am sure there are other options to choose from

Soft rifle case

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What do you guys use for rifle cases that allow your bipod to stay on the rifle?

Right now I’m using this cheap Bulldog case where I have to take my Harris and suppressor off. Recently upgraded to a Razor Gen II so now it’s an even tighter fit.


0ryx first impression.

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First off, everthing was packed good. I got the stock out and checked it over. Fit and finish looked good. The instructions to mount the stock are very easy. It bolted up to my remington 700 solid. I bought the spacer kit for the LOP. I used all...

Athlon Cronus BTR 4.5-29x56 Review

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Hello everyone,

I have been reading and reading threads but haven't made any comments or threads of my own until now. I figured I should give back a little since I've learned so much prowling around the hide.

A little about me. I don't have any...

My new 6.5 Creedmoor from RP Rifles.

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Man, Aaron sure knows how to build them. This is my 2nd 6.5 Creed from Aaron, and both of them has been absolute hammers, that refuse to shoot bad groups!

* Action - Defiance Deviant, branded Roberts Precision Rifles...