Homemade Induction Annealer

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Over the last couple of days I put together an induction annealer setup. All components minus the coil were sourced from Amazon. I turned the coil myself from solid copper wire to ensure proper inductance and distance to the case. The power supply is...

Rimfire central

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What has happen there.,They are banning people there and deleating post LEFT and right. It use to be a place to talk 22s. Now you can only talk about 22s they like, Like Anschutz. And if you talk bad about Anschutz your gone
Terry Cross

LongSwords flying out tonight.

Terry Cross
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I don't usually make time to take pictures of most the work around here before it ships out. These were nice looking batch and also shot some of the best control groups of any I have fired so I snapped some images before packing them up to ship.


2000 Yards Build in Progress.

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Hello friends. Just about done with my build here with in 2 weeks will be ready.
Building 300PRC that will be shooting up to 2000 yards, target and maybe once a while taking animal at long distance.
Shooting system:
Mausingfield Action by ARC with 30...

Tulsi The Manchurian

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Poor Hillary has lost her mind. I think she actually believes the bullshit narrative that the Russians screwed her.
She's now claiming that Tulsi Gabbard is a Manchurian candidate. In your wildest dreams you couldn't make this shit up.

Let's hash...

The Incredible accuracy of the Vudoo V22.

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The gun was straight onto the sand bags, cold at 50 yards. No warm ups. Straight up cold bore.
Steady light 2-6 mph from northeast - shooting North northeast 12-14 degrees to target. In other words, make an X with your two index fingers. The left...