The Sniper's Hide Dot Drill, for those shooters with limited time and range, you can mold this target to fit your needs whatever they maybe.

Question came in from a Sniper's Hide Member,

"Newb here to the forums and PR.Would you mind enlightening the crowd on possible practice regimens when you're short on time/distance/cash?I've been using my lunch break to go to a public hunting field near the office to work on what I can.Typically running a 22 at 50yds and working on the 100yd challenge target at 100yds with my 308.I'm trying to utilize my sessions as efficiently and judiciously as possible, but sometimes it gets dull or I don't think I'm really doing anything productive."
So how do we address this, well the Dot Drill in a variety of ways. This drill was designed to take the Tactical Shooter from the idea of just shooting groups at short distances like 100 yards, and moving them beyond that tired process. After all we are not F Class or Benchrest shooters, beside zeroing our rifles groups have little to do with our discipline. We should instead try to focus on that 1 shot making it under a variety of conditions.

The only limitation to the dot drill is your imagination. You have a series of dots varying in size from 3/4" to 1/4' in size. Each round has 5 shots to represent what would otherwise be the 5 shot group. How you mix up those rows is up to you. But here are some suggestions:

The first row we do the Drop the Fire drill, this is where the shooter lines up the rifle to face the target, inserts a magazine and with the bolt back stands up behind the rifle. Using a shot timer or on the gun command, drop down and fire one shot on each time in a series of quickening time limits. The drill starts off at 15 seconds, then goes, 12, 10, 8, finally ending at 6 seconds for the last dot. It's no-nonsense, get on the gun right the hell now and make the shot.

Expanding on this concept, you can then progress to, holding the rifle and dropping down together executing the shots in a similar way. Starting at 30 seconds, you progress down to 15 seconds subtracting time for each dot. This helps you learn to control the rifle and get it into target much quicker.

Take another row and engage each dot from the support side. Using the support hand to fire the rifle. Not enough people practice support side shooting so forcing yourself to do so with the target is a great way to make it a habit.

Lastly, I recommend using a tripod and / or sling to practice your alternate positions. Set up a time limit and learn to build those positions faster and more effectively.

Best thing is these targets are free, if not cheap and easy to copy.

You can download the different Dot Drill targets in the forum, we have several variations.

Sniper's Hide Advanced Marksmanship Section

We also have the 100 Yard Challenge in that section which is also another variation on the Dot Drill.

The 100 Yard Challenge has 30 pages of guys shooting our drills at 100 yards for score.

Once the rifle is zeroed, avoid groups when at all possible, sure they can tell you a lot about your shooting, but so can the dot drill with the added element of time and speed.

Thanks for Watching Bullet Points, if you have a suggestion, question or want something addressed in the videos, drop me a Private Message in the forums under SHLowlight

Good Shooting !