What Scope Magnification do I use ? Watch this episode of Bullet Point from Sniper's Hide and find out....

This episode of Bullet Points, we talk about scope magnification. I get asked all the time about what power I use to shoot 1000 yards or beyond. People mistakenly equate distance with more magnification. But this is not always the case. There are many situations where less is more. I talk about several of these scenarios in my latest Bullet Point Video.

So check out my Bullet Point video and then head into the forum and see what others are saying.

You'll see me use a lot of 5-25x or 6-24x powered scopes, but they are always set to a lower power like 18x.

Sniper's Hide

Above is my Vortex 3-18x which is perfect for the tactical shooter.

My 6.5x47 rifle built by Chad Dixon of LongRifles Inc is super accurate at distance. There is no reason for me to go over 18x to see what I am hitting. Magnifying Conditions Magnify your Errors

When shooting on Hot Days, you have an issue with Mirage. The higher power your scope is set too, the more times you are magnifying the atmospheric conditions which make it harder to see through. So be sure to turn down your power when it gets hot and miragy ... instead of 20x, 18, try using 12x. Alternate Positions

Shooting from alternate positions has it's own set of problems. Stability being the biggest issue. So do not magnify your stability problems by increasing the power on your rifle scope. Turn the magnification down so you steady up the shot. Just like your digital camera, the more magnification you use, the harder it is to hold steady. Reduce that shaky effect by backing of your power. Field of View

When you have multiple targets, especially at multiple distances, it's always a good idea to open up your FOV so you can see all of them and put them in context. This way you will not get lost on which target is which. I see it lot during competitions, guys will have too much scope magnification and accidentally shoot the wrong target thinking it was the right one. Nope, you went after the 540 yard plate and not the 625 yard one you were supposed to.

Practical at a lower setting and you'll quickly see an improvement in speed and accuracy.

Because Knowing is Half the Battle

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