When it comes to shooting a precision rifle accurately, you have to put in the effort. You can't just phone in the drop and drift as all the variables out there matter. The bullet will go will the barrel is pointed, but the barrel might be pointed 6ft up and 10ft right of the target in order to get that hit. Sure you can walk the rounds in, but why when a little effort goes a long way.

The question has come up, "How do I go through the process to gather dope, set up the computer, and set up the shot when I am not on video". Well itís pretty much exactly how I do it in any of the lesson, only faster. Itís all about the fundamentals, and when youíre ready to move to an advanced class it is just the fundamentals faster. Nothing changes but the time it takes between the shots, or in order to get that first shot off.

When you see me point the rifle to the target, then move behind it and point my body to the rifle, that is what I do every time. I do it slow in the videos to build that proper muscle memory. The more repetitions I have doing it correctly, the more consistent I will be when I am not thinking about it. Consistency is key and putting in the time and repetitions to do it right will pay huge dividends down the road.

As far as gathering dope and setting up the computer, I donít focus on the computer until after I have gathered my dope by actually shooting the yard lines. I take the time and put in the effort first, then I line up the computer to what I actually shot. I donít try to get the computer on target first. Sure it will be close, and I understand that, but I also know I donít want to distract myself fighting software. Software is a starting point, it is not a replacement for actually going out and gather data.

Understand we are not giving the computer everything it needs to successful nail the dope. We are giving the computer some basic information that is plugged into the formula, most of those are not even calculating this information and just using the data as a flat rate offset. Technically speaking your iPhone or Android is not powerful enough to actually run the calculations to give you a proper solution. We are using modification and tweaks to get it right, which is fine, but you have to account for that. The human element when it comes to shooting is the biggest variable out there. We will change the flight of the bullet in both the horizontal and vertical planes. Poor fundamentals will give you vertical errors due to breathing or breaking the shot at different points in your breathing cycle. Compromised trigger control will move the impact horizontally. The computers are designed around a vacuum, they donít take into account, YOU the shooter. We then tweak the computer by adjusting our inputs to account for the changes we put in place. This is far from perfect but it is what we have to work with.

The stronger your fundamentals, the better the computer will work.

Put in the effort to gather you dope first, worry about the computer after, off the line. Record all the variables, and then use that data to line it up with your actual hits. If you have missing pieces for something as basic as an iPhone App, youíre not being serious nor are you putting in the effort. Sure you can guess, and chances are youíll hit on it, but still you can not expect 1/4 MOA accuracy, if you are left with 1 MOA accuracy you have succeeded. Especially when starting out.

  • Use a Chronograph, it's one of the most important tool for the Long Range Shooter
  • Record Everything in your Datebook
  • Invest in a Kestrel or other Wind Meter, especially if you travel.
  • Computers are a starting point not the end all, You have to set them up correctly.

If you have a specific question, we can address it, but remember, garbage in = garbage out !