Zero Compromise Optic update

Apr 6, 2014
It may not be any ONE specific thing that sets us apart, but a combination. We are offering a feature set that is near comprehensive for what shooters have been looking for; locking turrets, Return 2 Zero that offers 0.5 mil below, large adjustment range (35 mils elevation/20 mils windage), easy reset turrets and R2Z, low profile and wide diameter turrets with 15 mils in one rotation with wider spaced clicks, larger engraving for easier readability, locking diopter, nice mil based reticles with 0.2 mil indications throughout and floating dot, advanced illumination system offering user selectable red or green, and an optical performance that we firmly believe will be the best in the industry. We weren't trying to reinvent a new scope or technology, just provide a superior product with a feature set and performance at the very top of the industry.

We are very excited to get these out "in the wild" but are doing our due diligence in assembly, testing, and QC before anything ships out. Again, we appreciate everybody's patience, we are working as hard as we can and apologize for the delays.

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Sep 17, 2004
Denver, Colorado
This may be the finest rifle scope ever made. problem is, I have the third finest riflescope made, or the fourth. Or both. And it beats the shit out of the problem I bought it to solve, which is 2km.

As such, I need something in the next order of magnitude to make me move from the ATACR. There is no way moving from the atacr is going do more for me than getting the new terrapin X or another barrels worth of ammo.

King - unlike FOM in NV, there isn't an objective measure for tracking, optical clarity, reticle design, etc. in scopes, so there isn't a $/metric value you can assign.

I have nothing to do with ZCO but have been involved in tech development in the medical field for years. The figure of merit for a ZCO, or other scope, is going to be written in user feedback and feel on forums like this and others. Requiring titanically different performance seems too high a bar.

However, your last comment does hit a truth - that being that any new product has to offer a relative value proposition. Perhaps the erector mechanism in the 36 mm tube works better, perhaps the glass has a different coating that is more color true. I have no idea, but I'm hoping that the composite product is a net add.

Obviously, I cannot speak for the community that we are looking for this particular product. But, at the same time, it seems a common theme that we're all looking for improvements in ourselves, our equipment and our performance.
Feb 21, 2018
North Dakota
A couple more reticle questions...

1. Do you have details on the reticle that include width of the lines?
2. How far down does the tree go? Does it max out at 12 mils and just a vertical line after that?

Here you go.....

Sincerely a ZCO fan


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