Your preferred data log book?


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So up until now, I've been making my own, I'm looking for a good log book. Not specifically for matches, but more informal shooting.

Needs to be waterproof pages, and needs to have a cover/ jacket.

I'm looking at these

Anybody have a favorite? any input on good log books? crappy log books?

I don't have access to the one's I used as TRS for the Sheriff's Office anymore, and those were tailored to specific engagements anyway, I didn't really care for them anyway for leisure shooting. Had office letterhead and other junk in them that serves no purpose now.

I understand the snipershide ones aren't waterproof pages, that's why I excluded.
Dec 20, 2017
Thanks to this thread, I just bought the Impact Data pre-made three ring. In Rite in Rain. And a pen. And another pen. And some other data pages. Another $100 in the black hole of PRS.
Mar 3, 2017
Birmingham, Michigan
I looked at impacts data books and was completely blown away at the number of different pages that are available to choose from. I did not end up purchasing anything...i don't know where to even start? Perhaps a pre-made book would be good for beginners?
Sep 22, 2017
Beaufort, SC
I've been thinking about getting one of the impact pocket sized data books. Ive been using a small notebook to keep track of dope, conditions, and round count but kinda want the organization that theirs offers.


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Nov 6, 2011
Impact is great.

The principle is a shooter/frequent poster here.

I have at least three of their books running 8-10 guns.

I order Rite-in-the-Rain paper option and I find plain circles to be my most used target page, usefull for trying to stay within a given MOA at various ranges.

Pencil works best for RITR paper, next would be RITR specific pen. Alchol based inks seem to just bead up and smudge.

You can one stop shop at Impact, you wont be disappointed.


Feb 14, 2017
May I propose an alternative view - I started with loose leaf/binder premade logs and have no transitioned to rite in the rain loose pages in the same binder. I keep the first few pages for rifle/component data, the next few for round count, the last pages for load development (all premade) and then the bulk are just faint ruled pages. This allows me to record data, draw diagrams and keep notes (lots of notes) this way I am not bound to set page. For me it’s about consistency of data/record keeping eg:
Location (including lat long and azimuth)
What I did (step by step! Physical and mental)
What I learnt
New goals

This one book is for dryfire practice, competition, hunting and training

My 2 cents fwiw
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