WTT\WTS RWS 223ai barreled action

Mar 30, 2013
I have an OD 223ai barreled action on a stainless 700 action, kreiger 7.75 twist rem varmint profile. Threaded muzzle that's profiled for a surefire suppressor. Barreled action was built by RWS. The scope rail holes were also opened up. The bolt just came back from LRI being timed and tigged and pin bushed and turned and recoated in graphite black. LRI knob installed as well. Haven't even put it back in a stock since it came back. Shoots very well and I have load data for 75g amax I can provide. I can text pictures. 18" barrel from bolt face. 225 rounds fired.

$1400 or trades I would be interested in...bighorn TL3 SA or tl2 sa with savage threads, fn SPR, DLC mausingfield, voodoo barreld action, Henry big boy carbine case hardened in 357 mag, new good creedmoor brass or 6.5x47 Lapua brass as long as its same lot, unfired and at least 200 pieces. M118 ammo or FGMM in 308. Quality 77 grain 223 or 556 ammo. 9mm p30sk mags. Barrel blanks in 22 bore, 6.5 bore, 7mm or 30 cal in light or medium palma or rem varmint profile.
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